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  1. slamminsammya

    Math in Basketball: Garbage or Not Garbage?

    Jayson Tatum's worship thread is being tainted with bickering that historians initially dated to cerca 2003 but has been found to actually be from 2021 about whether the attempt to apply statistical models to evaluate NBA players is garbage or not. Possible topics include: Single number impact...
  2. slamminsammya

    Tremont Waters is Bad

    Will anyone rise to challenge me on this bold take?
  3. slamminsammya

    Draft Retrospectives: What Have We Learned?

    One of my favorite parts of the Port Cellar is that it seems like every poster who writes here is better informed, watches more basketball, and has stronger opinions on various players than I do and I learn a lot. Reading the opinions in the draft game thread on guys I have never seen in my life...
  4. slamminsammya

    First Unread Not Working on App

    On my Sosh app on my android the jump to first unread is not working. I guess its not caching my read posts? It keeps sending me to the same posts I've already read.
  5. slamminsammya

    The Al Horford Thing

    So I am not sure how aware people are of this, but for years - I mean years, dating back to 2007, Al Horford has randomly flinched at missed shots. About one or two per year, but consistently. Two nights ago, against Toronto, it struck again: I have been belly laughing at this for about five...
  6. slamminsammya

    Antoine Played in the Wrong Era

    I don't know what got me thinking about this, but today I was reliving some memories of the Rick Pitino/ Jim O'Brien era Celtics teams and especially my fond memories of Antoine Walker. My basketball consciousness started right around 1998 when I wa 9 years old, and so 'Toine and Paul will...
  7. slamminsammya

    The Strange List of 50 Point Games

    Behold this monstrosity: Most 50 Point Games in the NBA I wanted to start a discussion about this particular basketball trivia. It is hard to score 50 in the NBA. Really Hard. Some highlights: The immortal Corey Brewer dropped 50 on 4/11/14 against the Rockets Andre Miller had 52 back in 2010...
  8. slamminsammya

    The 2017-2018 Celtics Will Be a Bizarre Monstrosity

    I was talking with my friend today about what the C's are going to look like next year, operating on the assumption that they make a max signing, preferably Hayward but maybe Griffin or Millsap (or a PG trade). Lets say any max signing or George trade unloads one of AB/Smart and Jae Crowder...
  9. slamminsammya

    Celtics Frontcourt

    This year's incarnation of the Celtics features a strong offense and a mediocre defense, representing an interesting change from last year which, though comparable in win loss record, was based on a strong defense and middling offense. The only major change from last year was the addition of Al...
  10. slamminsammya

    Should the Celtics Trade Thomas

    The case for trading IT: 1) He is probably at the apex of his trade value. He is 27 years old which is not young for the NBA. He is currently riding an incredible hot streak of offense, posting career highs in pretty much everything this season. There is some reason to believe he will not age...
  11. slamminsammya

    Meet Brandan Wright

    I thought we should have a thread dedicated to the supposed centerpiece of the Celtics' haul in the Rondo trade. It may be debatable as to whether Brandan Wright was the most important asset the Celtics received for Rondo, but there should be no argument that he is certainly the best player they...
  12. slamminsammya

    Best Soccer Websites

    I am trying to learn more about soccer, both on the field as well as how the teams are managed. Can anyone suggest good blogs, fansites, or related things on the interwebs?