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  1. rajendra82

    4/21 - A trilogy of victories

    I have heard that good things come in threes. The Red Sox 2021 edition winning is definitely a good thing, and won't let a bunch of spoiled kids of athletes stand in their way. Onward.
  2. rajendra82

    4/20 - Let's do it again

    Now that we have conquered, or at least equaled the White Sox, time to turn our eyes on the Blue Jays. I liked the beatdown we administered in the first inning, so why not do it again?
  3. rajendra82

    4/19 - Just start winning

    Beat the White Sox and show them which color socks, which team, and which Italian last name pitcher are better.
  4. rajendra82

    Jose Canseco accidentally shoots himself (with a gun this time)