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    BPA -- nonQB -- Poll

    OK, this is a bit of a companion poll to the Draftmas Poll and the QB Poll, but as we all count down the hours, it will give us more opportunities to do what we do best: opine on things we know little about but care deeply. I've used this consensus of mock drafts, and given the first ten...
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    QB Poll -- Who Do You Want?

    Simple question: Of the QB's likely to be available, who would you pick, if you were Bill and all 3 were on the board when you are picking?
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    Pats Depth Chart: an Early Look

    With all the moves over the last 10 days, I thought it would be interesting (to me, at least) to look at the Pats depth chart, position by position. I'll keep it updated as more changes happen. 2020 listing refers to the end of the season. 2021 ranking, where noted, is my opinion. I've moved...
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    First time baseball coach

    The two awesome coaches that my son has had the good fortune of having for the last two years are moving on (taking their kids to one of those high-priced programs), so into the breach step I. It will be a 10U rec-league team playing under Cal Ripken Baseball aegis. I have two assistant...
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    Who's Back in LVI?

    The tradition, Patriots excepted, has been that losing Super Bowl teams typically have rough years the year after losing, while winners have had a better track record. So will either team be back?
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    Facebook on iPhone misbehaving

    For the last few days, the Facebook app on my iPhone 11 keeps turning off while I am reading. The app doesn’t crash per se as it remains open if I swipe up to reveal open apps. This issue remains even if I close it completely and reopen.
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    Probably a very simple Excel question

    With little work happening, I am devoting a ridiculous amount of attention to tracking stats on my son’s baseball team. As such, I have a table showing the stats of each pitcher in each game listed int he top half of the workbook, broken down by game. In the bottom I want to sum up the totals...
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    2020 NFL: New Practice Squad and IR Rules

    I just read up on the new PS rules via this article on MassLive. Some of this has been discussed before around BBTL: PS size increased form 10 to 16 No limit as to previous active roster experience Four players may be protected from being grabbed by other teams But the article also...
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    On to retirement?

    Thinking about Gronk jumping out of retirement to join TB in TB, combined with the various reports that the main motivation for Brady's departure being the desire to leave BB, it makes me wonder if Bill is ruching the end of his Patriot life. It has been said many times in various sports, that...
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    Gaming COVID in the NFL

    Unlike the other major sports where COVID hit in medias res, the NFL is having to adapt at this point, during the off-season only. We've seen that they have decided to hold the draft in its normal time frame, but all pre-draft workouts and evaluations will have to be done in a new way. It's...
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    63-37-88: Place among Bruins' Greatest Lines

    There may have been better offensive trios, and maybe better defensive trios, but has there ever been a better all-around trio than these three?
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    IPhone for kids for apps only

    I’m looking to get my kids iPhones that they can use for Netflix and games, no phone, no text. What’s the best way to do this? It could be an old iPhone but only if the iOS can be current so that apps can work.
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    The Cowens Tangent

    If we are going to shoot the moon for high-end comps for Grant, how about going back to the roaring 70’s and Big Red himself, Dave Cowens. Similarly undersized C at 6’-8”, more than held his own against Kareem, Walton, etc. Fun but of NBA trivia found in looking up Cowens stats: he’s one of...
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    2019 NFL: Trade Deadline Thread

    This year's trade deadline is 10/29, so there are four more weeks left in the season before then. Assuming tonight's game does not end in a tie, there will be 6 winless teams looking at lost seasons, plus two more with only one win. Who from those teams might be available to the Pats to fill...
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    2019 Pats: OL Discussion

    The Cannon Injury The Karras Lobs Wynn The Bench Looks like a lot of things to discuss about the OLine. RE: Cannon. My guess is a separated shoulder which probably means he misses 4 weeks or so. I bet they will keep Thuney there, bring Bodine back to play C, and move Karras to LG.
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    Coaching U8/U9 soccer

    This spring will be my second season of coaching my son (who's now 7) in a town rec league. There are 11 kids on the team: one 9yo, eight 8 yos, and two 7 yos. We had our first practice last week and though all the kids say they have been playing for multiple years, including in this league...
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    Child Lock on iPhones

    Probably not the best title but the right terms are escaping me. A couple times in the last couple weeks, my wife and I have found search history on Safari on our iPhones for terms that our kids (son, 7, and/or daughter, 8) may have started innocently, but quickly took turns down a dark and...
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    Greatest Sox Defensive Players, by position.

    Inspired by the talk of the best defensive CF in the Ellsbury thread, I thought I would start a thread for the best defensive player at each position. My nominees (my viewing goes back to the mid-70’s): P - (intentionally left blank) C - Tony Pena 1B - Doug Mientkiewicz 2B - Pedroia SS - Alex...
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    Soccer - moving a kid up

    Maybe this should be in TBLTS, but I’d love to get coaches perspectives. My son is 6 (turned 6 in December). He started playing organized soccer this spring in a really well-organized league. The league put him in the U-6 division for some reason not the U-7. I’m guessing it’s because he...
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    2018 Patriots offense

    In the spirit of the 2018 Pats D thread, and considering all the turnover on O (arguably more substantial than the D turnover), I figured it would be worth a thread to discuss it all. (returnees in bold) QB: Brady, Hoyer, Etling (R). Etling may simply be a PS guy to alleviate reps on two...