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  1. wilked

    Just started to see ads here today

    Am I the only one? Only saw them on my iPhone (safari) so far. I’ll screenshot the next one
  2. wilked

    Adding additional Access Point to WIFI - Need a little help

    I have my router installed on second floor of old house in a closet (plaster walls). It's an Asus AC1300. Does a good job distributing throughout the house, but I'd like to add a second point on 1st floor. I have some ethernet run throughout the house from this 2nd floor closet. One goes to...
  3. wilked

    Spotify Family and Multiple Alexas

    Got an Alexa speaker for both kids for Christmas. At the same time upgraded Spotify to Family (3 simultaneous streams). My expectation was that these two actions would allow one kid to listen to Kidz Bop in his room while the other kid listened to some rock in his room. This is not what happened...
  4. wilked

    Soccer and Foxboro (Gillette)

    Is itme or did Foxborough used to host way more international soccer? maybe I’ve missed it, but haven’t seen a game there that got me excited in a while. Copa America Centenario is last one I remember. When’s the last good USMNT friendly there? I had to go to Hartford for US/Peru a few years...
  5. wilked

    Geo-spoofing on iPhone - help

    I use YoutubeTV for my TV. I will be in Puerto Rico Apr 16-23, right in the heart of NHL playoffs. Thus, I have a big problem Solution as I understand it is to get a VPN app? Is that it? And if so, how to choose one? Don't mind paying a little if needed, just want it to 'work' Thanks
  6. wilked

    The race for last

    5 games to go or so... The Suns have made a remarkable push here at the end and have the inside lane. Barring an anti-collapse they should have it Suns 20-59 (Pelicans, Warriors, @Mavs) Grizzlies 21-56 (@Pelicans, Kings, Pistons, @Timberwolves, @thunder) Hawks 22-56 (Heat, @Wizards, @Celtics...
  7. wilked

    Week 17 Game Thread

    besides watching the Pats clinch HFA I will be watching the Bills and related games. It’s been a long drought for them and I have a lot of Bills fan-friends. To recap, they need to win (which I think they do) first and either Ravens lose (extreme long shot) or Chargers lose (long shot) AND...
  8. wilked

    AFC Playoff Positioning

    2 games to go... Pats: 11-3 (AFC East Champs) Bills: 8-6 Chiefs: 8-6 Chargers: 7-7 Steelers: 11-3 (AFC North Champs) Ravens: 8-6 Jaguars: 10-4 Titans: 8-6 (Dolphins/Raiders left out of the analysis intentionally, too long of a shot) Some simple truths: --------------------------- 1. Pats...
  9. wilked

    Patriots Finalize 2-year Deal with Kenny Britt

    Per Adam Schefter: "Patriots are finalizing a deal with former Browns WR Kenny Britt, per @FieldYates. Deal expected to be done shortly."
  10. wilked

    Philips Hue Lighting

    Is anyone using Panasonic Vue lights? I just ordered a 2nd Gen Panasonic Light Strip, a 2nd Gen Hue Hub, and a Hue dimmer. I plan to use it in our playroom / home theater room, and run the light strip on the top of the projector screen (essentially on the top of this...
  11. wilked

    AFC Playoffs into December

    Rounding into December, 5 games to go. AFC East: Dolphins win their 6th in a row and refuse to go away quietly. They still play the Patriots on New Years Day. They have @BAL, ARI, @NYJ, @BUF before that. Three road games, two in cold weather, not easy, but I am not ready to declare the AFC...
  12. wilked

    iPhone 7

    Might as well start the thread No headphone jack? Waterproof? Dual camera? No home button?
  13. wilked

    Cy Young Leaders at the 110 game Mark

    ESPN's predictor has Happ as the clear leader (I am going to ignore Britton who won't win) In the NL, Strasburg the clear leader there Kershaw was on pace til he got hurt. For the NL, I could see Arrieta sneaking past Strasburg, riding the Cubs...
  14. wilked

    Behind the Scenes - Fenway Vendors

    Planet Money just did a piece on the Fenway Vendors (done with an economist perspective). It's 15 mins, interesting listen. I imagine many here have anecdotes of the vendors, let's hear them...
  15. wilked

    Will the Celts Make the Playoffs?

    Today, following the loss to the Clippers, the Celtics sit a half-game back of Brooklyn and just out of the playoffs in the 9 spot and about 10 games left.  It is crowded, with only a game separating the 8-11 seeds (Brooklyn/Boston/Indiana/Charlotte).  Miami is 2 games up of the 8th place team...
  16. wilked

    Game Recap Worth a Damn?

    I just watched ESPN's 'recap' of last night's game, and they yada yada'd through all of the good stuff.  Where is Sale mowing down the Sox?  Where is the big decision to lift him?  Where is the beginning of the comeback, before the Holt hit? has amazing hockey game recaps, they last...