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  1. grsharky7

    It never gets old - reflections on Oct 17-20, 2004

    Might be cliche, but I'd say when they ruled Arod out on the slap play. That never happened back in those days (but did twice that night) and I started to believe maybe they would come back. I felt the Yankee fans were cracking when they littered the field with crap later in that inning, it...
  2. grsharky7

    Football Villains

    Chuck Cecil? I remember when he was playing with the Packers. The SI cover said, " Too Vicious for the NFL?"
  3. grsharky7

    Patriots New Uniforms

    I love Pat the Patriot too, but it probably should just be brought back for special throwbacks and not the main logo anymore. Something else to consider and I believe Kraft even said this once, why have uniforms that are red and the same color as the British army? You know the group the...
  4. grsharky7 Showing Pedro's 17K game in 1999

    I was there sitting in the right field upper deck. His strike outs of Strawberry and Knoblauch in the 9th inning were epic. They looked like little leaguers against Pedro. I remember it being a little dicey on the 4 train after the game, lots of smack talk between the fans and there was some...
  5. grsharky7

    Red Sox Greatest Hits

    I'll stick with the 2003 ALDS theme. ALDS Gm5: Ramirez crushes go-ahead three-run blast
  6. grsharky7

    Thank You, Tom

    I was 18 and freshman in college when this run started and now I'm 36. Brady was the last link to the innocent and care free time in my life. I think of everything that has changed since 2001 and for all of us there have been tons of big changes. He has been the constant through...
  7. grsharky7

    Favorite Brady Game

    2014 Divisional Round vs the Ravens. He went 33/50, 367 YDS, 3 TD. I'm not saying it was his best statistical game, but they came back rom 14 down...twice. That pass to LeFell was just epic and then they held on at the end. I just remember watching that night and the crowd sounded so...
  8. grsharky7

    Just in Case: Let’s Get Nostalgic About the Last 20 Years

    I remember there being some controversy about the play clock as they were coming out and they rushed it. Doesn’t explain why they didn’t call a timeout though.
  9. grsharky7

    Just in Case: Let’s Get Nostalgic About the Last 20 Years

    So many seasons, moments, and players to choose from. Outside of the Super Bowl years I'd say 2010 was my favorite season. They got killed in Cleveland and Gronk had an awful game, then they went to Pittsburgh on a Sunday night and destroyed the Steelers with Gronk having 3 TD catches (I was...
  10. grsharky7

    CBS to lose SEC rights after 2023

    Something to consider though is a lot of those state legislators went to other schools in those states and won't want their alma maters left out in the cold. I don't see OU getting to leave for the SEC and OSU dying on the vine. Remember when the ACC initially expanded in 2003, VT was not...
  11. grsharky7

    2020 Pats: Bengals Coach Implies Patriots Taping Play Signals

    Spygate Part II was a false alarm: Here's why Patriots had film crew at Bengals-Browns game CBS quick to say this is all a false alarm. Much different tone than some of the ESPN reporting...
  12. grsharky7

    Hey I saw your post about the WVU game on the college football thread. If you do decide to go...

    Hey I saw your post about the WVU game on the college football thread. If you do decide to go to the game I'd be happy to buy you a beer or two! Don't let the reputation of the fans keep you away, it isn't as bad as has been reported in the past. I feel like it has really calmed down since...
  13. grsharky7

    PGA Championship- Bethpage Black

    Isn't that how Keith Foulke was with baseball? His true love was hockey but he was just good at baseball? I have a 2.5 year old and his name is Brooks. I've had a few people ask me if we named him after Koepka. I just chuckle and tell them that he was born a year before Koepka won a major...
  14. grsharky7

    Rank Your In-Laws: Which BB Era SB Failure Hurts the Most After '07

    1. 2011 Giants: I really thought they would avenge the SB42 loss and beat Eli easily. Then they got down, battled back and Welker dropped the easy TD pass that would have ended it. Manningham with the great catch and it was deja vu all over again. I remember just sitting there for hours after...
  15. grsharky7

    Celebrating What Is

    I know, but they have made it seven times during the Brady/BB era and both teams played in the WC round in 05 and 09. It is surprising that the Bengals never won a single playoff game met up with the Pats.
  16. grsharky7

    Celebrating What Is

    Brady and Belichick have beaten almost the entire AFC at one point or another in the playoffs since this run began. Colts (03,04,13,14) Steelers (01,04,16) Chargers (06,07,18) Jags (05,07,17) Titans (03,17) Chiefs (15,18) Ravens (11,14) Texans (12,16) Broncos (11) Jets (05) Raiders (01) So the...
  17. grsharky7

    College Football Coaching Carousel

    I wouldn't say the whole fan base dislikes or even wanted him to leave. Dana has always been somewhat aloof and there has always been a distant feeling between him and the fanbase. Most of us would've been fine with him staying, but you won't see to many people crying that he is leaving. Dana...
  18. grsharky7

    College Football Coaching Carousel

    This was rumored two years ago as well when Herman left Houston for UT. It would be an odd move to go from a P5 to a G5 job, but I can see why he would go. He has a house in Houston, easier to recruit in Texas, and he missed his best shot to win big in Morgantown. Next year is looking like a...
  19. grsharky7

    Have you ever seen an MLB no-hitter in person? (If not, how close have you come?)

    I was at Pedro’s 17K, one hitter in 1999 vs the Yankees. He hit Knoblaugh to start the game and then he was thrown trying to steal. Chili Davis hit a HR in the second inning. Just an electric night at the old stadium. I remember when he stuck out Darryl Strawberry in the 9th, ball was in the...
  20. grsharky7

    2018 College Football Week One thread

    PSU tied with Appy State in the 4th quarter. BTW it’s the 11 anniversary of the Michigan upset.