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  1. shoosh77

    Let’s talk about Pat Mcafee

    Is anyone else tuning in on his YouTube or Sirius shows, 12-3? It’s become an appointment show for me. Dude is such a natural and the guys that come on his show let it all hang out. His conversations with Aaron Rodgers (who casually drops F-bombs during the discussions) or even the TB QB coach...
  2. shoosh77

    11/22 - Striking oil in Houston (1pm start)

    So, we’re doing this. Good guys are headed down south to meet up with old friend Romeo and to layeth the smacketh down on his squad. Would be nice for the pass rush to get home a few times so the speedy Texans WRs aren’t running open while Watson is dancing around in the pocket.
  3. shoosh77

    11/15 - Ratbirds fly into town (8:20 start time)

    So how about that last game? And how about that game thread! If they're gonna win, let's wash it down with sweet, sweet (salty) Harbaugh tears. Here's to Bill pulling out the bag of tricks and some secret, rulebook approved formations to drive Baltimore nuts and send them packing with the loss.
  4. shoosh77

    11/09 - The Jets? Come on....

    I've never started a thread, so pardon if a faux pas and there is a set order for starting after a loss. But come on, it's the Jets, just win. Edit: Duh, 11/09, we get to witness this titanic battle on Monday.
  5. shoosh77

    2017 NFL Draft Day 3 - "Who's this guy?"

    Starts up at noon. Picks should come faster but please, no spoilers.
  6. shoosh77

    2017 NFL Draft Day 2 - Let's go make some GD picks

    Day 2 and the good guys can finally make some selections. Spoiler free please.