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  1. Dummy Hoy

    These guys again?

    Feels like it's been a while since we've seen Tanker HC. I don't like them.
  2. Dummy Hoy

    What, Again?

    I kind of like these lines. View:
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    We all listen to this right? I mean, it’s long, and I miss episodes here and there, but I think it’s fucking brilliant. I need that program in my life.
  4. Dummy Hoy

    20-21 Championship: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Season starts tonight with Watford/Boro at 2:45 EST. As always the league is a gigantic clusterfuck of teams and styles that slogs on for 46 games plus cup competitions. There's absolutely no use predicting this league, although I was asked to do so for a podcast I'm on and I thought...
  5. Dummy Hoy

    Offseason Game Thread

    sigh... I am rooting for 1. Colorado 2. Islanders 3. Dallas 4. Vancouver 5. Vegas 6. Philly 7. Tampa
  6. Dummy Hoy

    Crying about everything until the playoffs game thread.

    Get it all out here. Cry, complain, moan, wet yourself with fear. I don’t really like the way the Bs are going right now and Carolina is playing really well. That said, I saw more positives today that look like their overall game is rounding into form. They’re a better team than Carolina, and...
  7. Dummy Hoy

    2019-20 Championship- Now with 100% less Pig.

    So I’m obviously getting a little tired of starting the championship thread, but when your club sucks, that’s what happens. I’ll mostly be posting Wednesday stuff here, but hopefully everyone else who follows shit teams has spent the $ to get the streaming service- it gets better every year...
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    Offseason game thread

    Back to some good old RMPS banter.
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    you up son. Make us proud.
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    Placeholder game thread

    Realness and his boy gotta bat lead off for the playoff run...they should be available in the ‘pen as needed too (just to continue the tortured analogy). It’s go time, eh boys? My 6 year old (yesterday!) has really taken his hockey love to another level this year. He got into it last year (my...
  11. Dummy Hoy

    Offsides Shmoffsides

    Yo- explain this please.
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    That was a monster shift from Z in OT
  13. Dummy Hoy

    2019 World Juniors

    USA final roster announced. Schedule Such a ripoff we aren’t guaranteed a US/Canada matchup.
  14. Dummy Hoy

    Buffalo @

    My wife is from western New York. I’m headed there for the holidays. I’m glad they’re doing better right now because that market has eaten shit for a looooooooooong time, and they’re legit hockey fans out that way. But I’ve hated the Sabres since those late 80s/early 90s playoff series. So...
  15. Dummy Hoy

    Week One Game Thread 8-10-18: And we're off!

    Wish Vardy was ready to go. I'd really like to see Leicester score first to open this up.
  16. Dummy Hoy

    The Championship 2018-19: More interesting than the Premier League

    I meant to start this thread a while ago, certainly before the games started. I was in the woods all last week and have had a hard time figuring out what to write here regardless. There are some fascinating story lines as always, but I thought I'd kind of use Sheffield Wednesday's plight as an...
  17. Dummy Hoy


    Courtois Verane-Godin-Mina Kante-Modric-Pogba-DeBruyne Mbappe-Lukaku-Hazard Or something like that. The absolute locks for me are Pogba, Kante, Hazard, and Modric. Anything else is debatable.
  18. Dummy Hoy

    Belgium: The only Red Devils worth supporting

    In 3rd grade we had a grade-wide 'World's Fair,' where everyone did a big research project on a country of their heritage and produced a giant tri-fold poster board exhibit of your country. Positive I was the only one of Belgian heritage I worked pretty hard to produce a quality product, unaware...
  19. Dummy Hoy

    Offseason Game Thread

    Go Western Conference team!
  20. Dummy Hoy

    Not a chance in Hell

    Think the Bruins travel to the defending western conference champs and win with their backup goalie? Not a chance in Hell. This will give us 3 days for someone else to start a good run of game threads.