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  1. blueguitar322

    Euro 2020 Day 9 Game Thread

    In the stadium, at the end of the game, when Hungary was doing the usual time-wasting. The Hungary keeper delayed getting the ball for a free kick, and Giroud had to retrieve the ball for him. The French fans were throwing beverage bottles and the like on the field; Giroud himself threw one off...
  2. blueguitar322

    5/8 Garrett Vs. Orioles

    I believe that last inning by Richards was the first clean inning for the Sox after 18 straight innings where at least one person got on base.
  3. blueguitar322

    SB53: We Need Links Thread!

    I love that in his press conference, after winning the Super Bowl MVP, Edelman describes the job of a WR as to "get open and catch the ball, and block in the run game." Not many Super Bowl MVP WRs would talk about blocking after the highlight of their professional career.
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    Belgium vs England for 3rd place. When was the last time that two teams played TWO games in a World Cup against each other, with neither of them having any real meaning or importance?
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    Sweden has now knocked out / helped knock out Netherlands (UEFA qualifying group), Italy (UEFA qualifying playoff), Germany (World Cup group), and Switzerland. That's quite the amazing resume.
  6. blueguitar322

    Diary of a commentator

    Still following, too. Personally I can't wait you're calling the 2028 Pats-vs-Falcons Super Bowl with NBC and all of SoSH is debating whether you're more biased against the Patriots (and 50-year-old Tom Brady) than Ian Eagle was.
  7. blueguitar322

    USMNT: To Rüssia With Love

    This stream is working for me: Edit: not working any more, can't find a replacement either
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    Diary of a commentator

    I'm loving this thread; I've been following it since the beginning. Thanks for this glimpse into a part of sports most people usually never see. Here's my question for you: do you have to mentally adjust your expectations level when you call different tiers of talent? E.g. AC Milan vs Juve...
  9. blueguitar322

    2017-18 EPL - Opening Weekend Gamethread

    Outstanding refereeing by Michael Oliver to see and call that hand ball
  10. blueguitar322

    4/4 vs. Lightning - We're Offered Moet, We Don't Mind Chivas

    What a great response from the team coming out of the locker room
  11. blueguitar322

    Now Bill Belichick to Narrate a WWII Documentary

    "Anytime you blitzkrieg that much in the first half, your defense is going to be tired in the second half."
  12. blueguitar322

    Tony Dungy: We Stole Signals, Everyone Steals Signals

    I noticed in that ESPN article that Gary Brackett (Colts LB from 2003-2011) admitted that the Colts had opposing teams' signs on camera as well: Have any other former players or coaches actually come out to say they used game film to steal signals?
  13. blueguitar322

    Arsenal 2016-17: Get Ready For A Xhak-attack

    2009: Porto (R16), then Barcelona (QF) 2010: Barcelona 2011: Milan 2012: Bayern Munich 2013: Bayern Munich 2014: Monaco 2015: Barcelona (after drawing Bayern Munich in the group) 2016: Bayern Munich I do think Arsenal are a little bit better, and Bayern a little bit worse, than they were last...
  14. blueguitar322

    Champions league group stage game thread

    And Dortmund ties it. Real Madrid have 3-4 minutes to find a winner, or they'll finish second in their group.
  15. blueguitar322

    Arsenal 2016-17: Get Ready For A Xhak-attack

    I agree with your post given my expectation that there was no way PSG would draw or lose at home, but do have a quibble with the bolded. Or, at least, a provisional quibble. Assuming Juventus holds on at home against Dinamo Zagreb, and Madrid beats Dortmund at home, here are the teams Arsenal...
  16. blueguitar322

    Arsenal 2016-17: Get Ready For A Xhak-attack

    Three goals (all nice finishes) and a selfless assist when 1v1 on the keeper. Is Alexis the best Arsenal player since Henry? Or were vintage RVP & Cesc better?
  17. blueguitar322

    Weekend Games 11/19 - 11/21

    Have to think Arsenal were fortunate that the penalty wasn't given there.
  18. blueguitar322

    EPL Gamthread 11/5-11/6 Weekend

    What sloppy defending there by Kos. 1-1 after Kane's penalty goal.