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  1. blueguitar322

    Video capture + motion detection recommendations?

    A bit of an obscure topic perhaps, but hoping the SoSH hive mind might be able to point me in the right direction. My dad loves watching bluebirds and successfully watched his local pair have four successful broods last summer. For Christmas, my family all chipped in and got him a Hawkeye HD...
  2. blueguitar322

    Coaching Carousel - Winter 2015/6

    There's always rumblings about potential changes, but it feels like there are quite a few massive changes happening this year. The recently-confirmed "Pep-stakes" have only made the game of musical chairs more chaotic. Changes that have already happened in the past month: Pep Guardiola's...
  3. blueguitar322

    EPL Game Thread 9/12-9/14

    Everton absolutely taking it to Chelsea. Up 2-0 after 22 minutes and could have had a couple more if not for some great saves.
  4. blueguitar322

    Game Thread 8/29-8/30

    EPL schedule:   Saturday 7:45a - Newcastle United-Arsenal   10a - Bournemouth-Leicester 10a - Aston Villa-Sunderland 10a - Chelsea-Crystal Palace 10a - Liverpool-West Ham 10a - Man City-Watford 10a - Stoke-West Brom     12:30p - Tottenham-Everton   Sunday 8:30a - Southampton-Norwich 11a -...
  5. blueguitar322

    Premier League Predictions 2015-16

    Less than 48 hours until the Premier League season begins.   Top Four I see the top four teams as very close to each other. It's really difficult to determine where to place each team, and there's no order that would come as a surprise to me at the end of the year. That said, here's my best...
  6. blueguitar322

    Chelsea 2015-16: No Way, Jose

    Jose is at it again.     Now it is true that Chelsea haven't net spent much money this summer, or last year (due to sales of Luiz, Lukaku and Schurrle) but they might be the only club that doesn't really need to. Sometimes that happens after net spending £267 over a four year period.   Never...
  7. blueguitar322

    Summer Transfer Prediction Thread 2015

    The overwhelming majority of summer transfer "news" is baseless speculation and rumor-mongering. Here's your chance to make haphazard guesses about where players will end up so that if your random guessing is better than someone else's random guessing, they will think you know more than you...
  8. blueguitar322

    Arsenal 2015-2016: The One That Got Away

      The 2014-2015 season was a success for Arsenal, almost without qualification imho.     Yes Wenger played fast and loose with defensive depth and it cost the team last fall; yes there was an embarrassing loss at home vs Monaco that de facto knocked them out of the Champion's League; yes the...
  9. blueguitar322

    Best coaches in the world

    The news about Klopp's resignation got me thinking about where I would rank him compared to other top coaches. This is always a tough thing for me to get my head wrapped around, and I honestly don't watch enough soccer outside the PL and CL to have an informed opinion.  How would you all rate...
  10. blueguitar322

    Game Thread Apr 11-13 - Where games won't take 19 innings to finish

    What an awesome Sox game last night.  No surprise most of us missed the Swansea-Everton 1-1 tie at 7:45 am.  And if you want a game between two teams known for high-tempo pressing, Monchengladbach-Dortmund is on right now.   Coming up in the EPL:   Saturday 10a - Southampton-Hull 10a -...
  11. blueguitar322     Quote from article on ESPN FC   And apparently they are getting killed with traffic.  I cannot get it to load.
  12. blueguitar322

    League Soccer is Risen - Game Thread Apr 4-6

    Saturday (EPL) 7:45a - Arsenal v Liverpool   10a - Everton v Southampton 10a - Leicester v West Ham 10a - ManUnited v Villa 10a - Swansea v Hull 10a - West Brom v QPR   12:30p - Chelsea v Stoke   Sunday (EPL) 8:30a - Burnley v Tottenham 11a - Sunderland v Newcastle   Monday (EPL) 3p - Palace v...
  13. blueguitar322

    Game Thread March 21-23

    Last games before a two-week international break. Oh how I loathe those.  From the club's perspective, it's two weeks with a far less qualified manager who has far less incentive to worry about a player's fitness.  It's two weeks with travel to potentially far-flung places (London to Buenos...
  14. blueguitar322

    Most hated 11

    Not exactly a thread with hard-hitting analysis, but one of the joys of fandom is assembling a group of "villains" that you root against.  Here's mine.   Vertonghen - Pepe - John Terry - Ivanovic Robben - Busquets - Nasri - C. Ronaldo Diego Costa - Adebayor   Coach: Mourinho   Ashley Cole, Mark...
  15. blueguitar322

    Game Thread Feb 21 - Dog Days of Winter

    EPL 10a - Aston Villa-Stoke 10a - Chelsea-Burnley 10a - Crystal Palace-Arsenal 10a - Hull City-QPR 10a - Sunderland-West Brom 10a - Swansea City-Man United 12:30p - City-Newcastle   La Liga 10a - Barca-Malaga 12p - Cordoba-Valencia 2p - Atletico-Almeria 4p - Deportivo-Celta Vigo   Not exactly a...
  16. blueguitar322

    Deloitte Money League 2015 Report (brought to you by the oil industry)

    The 2013-4 report is out.  No real surprises with the usual suspects at the top.   1. Real Madrid, £459.5 million 2. Manchester United, £433.2 million 3. Bayern Munich, £407.7 million 4. Barcelona, £405.2 million 5. Paris Saint-Germain, £396.5 million 6. Manchester City, £346.5 million 7...