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  1. mikeot

    5/7 at Chicago

    First time the Bulls have played in front of a home crowd this season FWIW. They're on a B2B after beating Charlotte. Jaylen out (ankle sprain); TL questionable (turf toe); TT and Langford probable. Bludgeon the Bulls.
  2. mikeot

    5/5 at Orlando

    Jaylen out, TT questionable. A win moves C’s to sixth in conference. Maul the Magic.
  3. mikeot

    4/27 vs OKC

    No Kemba, No TL. Beyond sad if they blow this one. Throttle the Thunder.
  4. mikeot

    "Beautiful. Violent. American. The N.F.L. at 100."

    Interesting NYT weekend thumb-sucker: "...the N.F.L. carefully tapped into the American fascination with organizational genius, lionizing the figure of the coach... coaches came to be seen as not just...
  5. mikeot

    Jackie MacMullan New Yorker interview

    Lots of revelations about Boston, the media, and of course basketball:
  6. mikeot

    Sportswriting Legend Dan Jenkins Passes Away

    Prolific writer, author of "Semi Tough," father of columnist Sally Jenkins.
  7. mikeot

    Amazon looking to buy up regional sports broadcasters

    I don't want to pay $119 a year on top of everything else. Will I have a choice?
  8. mikeot

    Disowning Uncle Drew: Kyrie Trade Speculation

    On that note, from today's WaPo:
  9. mikeot

    Pierce and KG reunited

    Great vid on what it took to win the last championship, on the verge of moving toward the next one.