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  1. PseuFighter

    Putting together a new SONOS setup

    Hey guys, didn't want to start a new Sonos thread, so figured I'd ask in here...   Could someone just give me some idea of what I need to buy to have a decent system going for my living room and bedroom?   Not huge rooms, 1-bedroom apartment. I don't plan on sending my TV to it; just music.  ...
  2. PseuFighter

    Stadium Tours

    Not sure if there's a thread about this anywhere, but since I just booked a tour for Candlestick Park (for 6/27 at 8:30pm, if anyone wants to join!), was wondering if you guys have ever gone on stadium tours worth checking out, and if you've gotten to see any neat things otherwise impossible to...
  3. PseuFighter

    Ticket Problems and Possible Blackouts

    Given their wait-list of 100,000+, I was shocked to read last week that the Packers put 40,000 tickets on sale for this Sunday's WC game. As of right now, they still have something like 8,000 tickets unsold, and they're not alone -- the Colts and Bengals are also having trouble moving tickets...