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    College Hockey 2016-2017

    October is one of the best times of year, not just because the baseball playoffs are starting but also because college hockey is getting going! If you've bounced around this thread in past years, most of you know I'm a devout Northeastern fan. Which makes this fall super weird, since the...
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    Tommy John for Carson Smith today

    EDIT: Figured this would be worth it's own thread, but feel free to lock and move it to the main Smith thread
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    Gurriel brothers defect, seek MLB deals

    @JesseSanchezMLB: Brothers Yulieski Gurriel & Lourdes Gurriel Jr. reportedly defected and will be seeking MLB deals. Check for story. This is huge news. Yulieski has long been talked about as the best player in Cuba. I remember seeing him play in the WBC 10 years ago and...
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    College Hockey 2015-2016

    We're closing in on the start of the season and polls have been posted:   Hockey East: Coaches poll: BC, BU, Providence, Lowell, Northeastern, UNH, Notre Dame, Vermont, Connecticut, Maine, Merrimack, UMass Media poll: BC, BU, Lowell, Providence, Notre Dame, Vermont, Northeastern, UNH...
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    Irish Hurling at Fenway

    This will be really cool. Wonder what tickets will go for.
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    Anthony Ranaudo dealt to Texas for LHP Robbie Ross   "Red Sox acquire Robbie Ross for Anthony Ranaudo" -- @bradfo    
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    Offseason news thread

    lol Ruben Amaro
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    Phillies will look to trade Cole Hamels, Red Sox interested

    It's almost like Ruben Amaro has a basic understanding of how to be a GM.  
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    I want to go to a match in Europe

    If this should be moved to TBLTS, go for it.   I'm studying in Europe this semester and with my post-World Cup soccer interest climbing, I was hoping to catch a top-flight match or two while I'm here. Obviously I want to minimize the costs, but here are my early thoughts on where to go:   - Of...
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    Thank you Jon Lester

      For 8.5 incredible years, fantastic pitching, countless memories, and of course 2 rings, thank you Jon Lester. As unlikely as it is, we're all hoping you're back here in Boston come April.
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    HOF Induction Game Thread

    Outside of seeing how Webster looks, this has way more interest to me this afternoon.   Especially since we can start the Pedro Induction Day Countdown.
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    Pedroia's wrist - "Great news"
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    Pedro has a book deal

    Michael Silverman will write it.