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  1. gars finnvold

    Hank Aaron has passed away

    You have to wonder what Ted Williams would have done without missing prime years for both WWII and the Korean War.
  2. gars finnvold

    Baseball on Television

    Nixon did not miss a GS by much.
  3. gars finnvold

    Baseball on Television

    Game 4 of the '04 WS is on FS1 right now.
  4. gars finnvold

    Red Sox Greatest Out/Putout

    Papelbon's pickoff of Holliday to end Game 2 of the 2007 WS. Paps' first pickoff of his career no less.
  5. gars finnvold

    RIP Tony Fernandez

    Great player. I always got a kick out of the fact that his nickname was Cabeza due to the size of his forehead.
  6. gars finnvold

    Manny, Ortiz, Duquette, Gedman, and Dinneen to be inducted into Red Sox Hall of Fame

    Duquette was also instrumental in signing and trading for a much larger number of African-American and Latino players. Talent became the most important factor in why the team pursued a player. That change in culture alone makes him worthy of inclusion in the RS HOF.
  7. gars finnvold


    I had the pleasure of meeting him at a few bashes. Stiffy was a great guy and his passion for life as well as the Red Sox came through in every conversation. My condolences to you and your family.
  8. gars finnvold

    No Game Today

    Thursday was a scheduled off day, unfortunately the O's have a game against Houston already scheduled.
  9. gars finnvold

    CBB Coaching Carousel

    I have heard the buzz about Ewing as well. I don't know that he would necessarily want to take on the responsibility of being a head coach. He made a boatload during his career and can now keep a hand in the game without having to be the point person. I am not saying he couldn't do it, just...
  10. gars finnvold

    CBB Coaching Carousel

    JT3 is out at Georgetown. This is pretty remarkable given that they just opened a new athletic center after his father.
  11. gars finnvold

    Things you've never seen before

    The clubs sell them as game used memoribilia.
  12. gars finnvold

    4G Android phone megathread

    It looks like the Nexus 6 will be available for online purchase tomorrow for Verizon customers.  At least initially, they are only offering the 32GB internal storage memory version.  Is this a concern and should I wait for the 64GB version to become available?  I do not take a tremendous amount...
  13. gars finnvold

    I am really, really glad for the MLB Network

    For those who may have missed it when it aired last week, the program on Pedro and Smoltz airing at 8:00 tonight looks really interesting. I caught a few minutes of it earlier this week and the segments with Pedro returning to the DR, after getting elected to the Hall are amazing. Anything Pedro...
  14. gars finnvold

    Dale Scott announces he is gay

    A gentleman, gay or straight, never tells.
  15. gars finnvold

    Mike'd Up: The Mike Francesa Show

    Since his Monday show on WFAN usually echoes his Sunday night Mike'd Up TV program, you should try to tune in to the show today. Last night, Francesa ran through the litany of issues surrounding this year's Yankees, contrasted each of them with the status of the Red Sox and concluded that the...