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  1. Silverdude2167

    Marcus Smart: 4 year, $77 million extension

    Sentences I never throught I would write... Marcus Smart has made John Adams trend on Twitter
  2. Silverdude2167

    Tompa Bay: Tom Tom Club

    Out of curiosity which teams would you say had a better supporting cast outside of QB last year than Tampa? And yes they won in spite of Arians.
  3. Silverdude2167

    Tompa Bay: Tom Tom Club

    Tampa was a stacked team when Brady arrived with only weaknesses at QB and Head Coach which only Brady was able to fix both. Brady on an average team is a repeat of the 2019 Pats.
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    The Game Goat Thread: Wk. 1 vs Miami

    Here are all of his does not seem like he was a problem even though his YPC was low. View:
  5. Silverdude2167

    The Game Goat Thread: Wk. 1 vs Miami

    Watching the highlights it is hard to be that upset. They played well enough to win and Mac looks like he can handle himself. Clean up the fumbles, win next week and start a streak.
  6. Silverdude2167

    Week 1 NFL Game Thread

    Yeah, but the ref should have called it a TD...when it's that close err on the side of the automatic review. I also think he got in.
  7. Silverdude2167

    Week 1 NFL Game Thread

    As I said I hold no ill will towards Brady leaving, but I won't be rooting for him because he left. And a LeBron in the sense that he is moving to find the best opportunity to win which in the NBA includes bringing his friends with him. LeBron has ushered in the era of players building super...
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    Week 1 NFL Game Thread

    This is where I am at. I hold no ill will towards Brady but I am a Pats fan and Brady decided to not try to make it work here so I have no reason to root for him. From a Brady perspective, I get it. He decided to set the game to easy and find a stacked team. He pulled a Lebron and Lebron has...
  9. Silverdude2167

    Dolphins: Year Tua

    This will be an interesting test of one of the core truths in the NFL. If your lines are bad nothing else matters. So let's see how this goes, 27-13, is a bold pick for a game most think is a coinflip...hope you are wrong.
  10. Silverdude2167

    Match Week Four

    Arsenal with there first. The race is on!
  11. Silverdude2167

    Match Week Four

    Which week do we think Arsenal scores their first goal? 12? 13?
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    Week 1 NFL Game Thread

    QBR is the stupidest stat ever...that is how.
  13. Silverdude2167

    Tompa Bay: Tom Tom Club

    This is the thing about Brady and BB that makes everything they did so special...BB is the reason Brady has 6 rings and that is not saying Brady does not deserve all the allocates he gets, but BB was able to always turn over the roster and put a team around Brady that could give them a shot at...
  14. Silverdude2167

    Tompa Bay: Tom Tom Club

    The story for Brady for the last few years has been, give him a clean pocket and talent to throw too and he will excel. When either of those things breakdown he is no longer good enough to overcome it (not that many are, but he used to be).
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    Jets: Ride Saleh Ride

    @luckiestman probably has it right but there handling of snaps for Wilson has been a bit weird during the preseason. They have treated him like a vet who doesn't need the reps, not a rookie who should be getting all the game speed reps they possibly can. With that said, from the "highlights" I...
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    Pats Preseason: QB Edition

    Hopefully getting fired
  17. Silverdude2167

    NFL Head Coaching 2021-2022

    Ron Rivera has had 3 winning seasons out of 10, not sure why people think he is good.
  18. Silverdude2167

    Sony Michel to Rams

    I understand why and am glad they got something for him, but it is also going to be annoying to see him do well in LA (which I expect). Thanks for the 6th ring.
  19. Silverdude2167

    Pats Preseason: Offense Edition

    The two post above don't align since one mentions two tds and one only mentions ints
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    The Fearsome 5 or the Feeble 5? - The Rookie QB's

    Zach Wilson - 9/11 - 128 passing, (2td, 0 int) - 0 sacks taken So far he looks good, made good throws hit the open receiver. Was playing against the second team I believe and always had a clean pocket. For the second week in a row, his receivers were wide open. Very few tight windows. Did have...