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  1. Kenny F'ing Powers

    The Round Mound of (Hockey) Rebounds

    Turner Sports just reached a 7 year agreement with the NHL, putting three NHL Finals on TNT over the next seven years. I don't really care what TV entity hosts the hockey playoffs, as long as I can watch them. What I do care about is this: View...
  2. Kenny F'ing Powers

    What really causes home field advantage?

    Was in the Miami thread, and saw it mentioned that Miami probably doesnt care if they go to Buffallo or Pittsburgh because, without fans, theres no real home field advantage. Seems legit. Teams like Seattle (12th man), Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Baltimote...well known for home field advantage due to...
  3. Kenny F'ing Powers

    2021 Pats: What Would You Do as Pats’ GM?

    You are! (Hahahaha. Fuck you, I got you good) Lots of concerns and critiques about the roster for next season. Use the Sportrac link above to build your 2021 New England Patriots roster and post your results here so we can all call each other stupid.
  4. Kenny F'ing Powers

    2020 Pats: Is Cam Destined to Fail?

    With someone trying to replace Tom Brady, plus the racial tension that currently exists in the country, what is the likelihood that the Cam Newton experience flames out in dramatic fashion? While Massachusetts considers itself a paragon of virtue, Murph and Sully in Gilette Stadium have a...
  5. Kenny F'ing Powers

    Who you got?

    Game 7. Both in their prime: Chara or Bourque?
  6. Kenny F'ing Powers

    Can't send PMs

    Havent been able to send PMs for months now, not sure why. Havent really cared enough to complain, but I'm interested to find out what happened. There is no link in my mailbox or on peoples profiles to send messages.
  7. Kenny F'ing Powers

    Devin McCourty Can #*$^ Himself

    Catchy title, yeah? Its the offseason - and I really don't feel like discussing anymore octogenarian HJs - so I'm taking a little leniency with the substance of this post. I love Devin McCourty. You love Devin McCourty, too. Guy's got it all. The rookie phenom turned sophomore cornerback bust...
  8. Kenny F'ing Powers

    Patriots Footnotes

    Dee Ford - a solid, albeit unspectacular player - has added his name to the list of non-Patriot players that Patriots fans will always remember. 15 years from now, when someone mentions Dee Ford, we'll all know exactly who he was and why we're smiling. Good or bad, who else you got? Edit: I...
  9. Kenny F'ing Powers

    This is the best Red Sox team...ever.

    No. They haven't won a World Series. So, maybe they aren't the best Red Sox team ever...yet. But are they the best regular season Red Sox team of all time? Let's pretend this team wins the World Series. Are they the best Red Sox team of all time? Or, let's just discuss regular season. Is...
  10. Kenny F'ing Powers

    Survivor Pool

    This thing garners so much interest every year, probably worth posting here as well...
  11. Kenny F'ing Powers

    On a scale of Dante Bichette to David Ortiz...

    How much do you enjoy having David Price on the Red Sox roster? How much do you enjoy rooting for him?
  12. Kenny F'ing Powers

    Drunk boner.

    Usually my drunk boner his only at three-quarters mast. That is not true tonight.
  13. Kenny F'ing Powers

    YOUR 2016-2017 Boston Celtics!

    Here’s the exercise. Explain how the below rosters will/won’t work, how can you massage the deal to make it work, and propose any other trades/roster construction you’d like to see so others can pick it apart. Discuss what you like/dislike about the trades. I know very little about the inner...
  14. Kenny F'ing Powers

    Gronk v. Graham. The return of the Ding

    Yeah, thats great. But more importantly, can we agree that Gronk is better than Jimmy Graham now?
  15. Kenny F'ing Powers

    The refs are going to screw us!

    There. It's right in a title on the forum. Now it doesn't have to be buried somewhere in every post made this week. I saved you all some time.
  16. Kenny F'ing Powers

    F*ck everything.

    I have a fucking wedding for some fucking asshole cousin in my wife's family that I barely know. Wedding is Saturday at 5pm. I called the venue, and the only tv they have is in the coatroom. I'm willing to bring an iPad and be that asshole, I really don't care about these people's opinion at...
  17. Kenny F'ing Powers

    Basic HTML help

    I've got an alignment issue with an email I've crafted via HTML. I think it may be a table issue, as I added a few into the coding to align some bulletpoints, text, etc.   Anyway, the footer letterhead image is offset from the rest of the image, and as someone with minimal HTML knowledge, I'm...
  18. Kenny F'ing Powers

    Your 2015 roster plan

    No more Revis?    Good. I hated his stupid beard anyway.     Here's my plan.   2015 New England Patriots cap space: $14,441,953 (3/11/2015)   Potential Restructures Stephen Gostkowski - Franchise tag, $4.54. Long term extension averaging  $3.5mm a year. Jerod Mayo - Contract restructure. 1 year...
  19. Kenny F'ing Powers

    The Nation's Tears: Pink Stripes

    Taste delicious. Shove 12.5 PSI up your fucking asses. 4 titles. Fuck off. No matter what you say, this team earned it. Now go fill your pillows with snot and tears.