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    Golf equipment, WITB

    I went the Wishon route a few years ago. The specs I was fit into were ones that I never would have tried on my own - far more stout than someone with my swing speed would normally touch, but it turns out that I have a very fast transition. Any time since that I try knock them out of the bag, I...
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    Poll: Cam, Mac, Brian or?

    After this week, I’m really not interested in the day to day uncertainty that is the QB1 being unvaccinated and liable to enter protocols at any time.
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    Poll: Cam, Mac, Brian or?

    Yup. He may not be *pissed*, but Cam’s vax status makes his availability a wild card every week. Bill doesn’t like wild cards.
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    Who will yell at refs with passion? Cs Coaching Search

    Hiring an old white dude is probably as close to a nonstarter as it gets in this current moment, especially when there are plenty of other qualified candidates.
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    Brad Stevens: President of Basketball Ops

    He's been a giant pile of meh at G'Town. Juwan has been an awful lot more successful at UM if we wanted to go the college route.
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    Brad Stevens: President of Basketball Ops

    Given Brad's likely relationship with Tatum and Brown, and the way the league works, it'd be fireable if they didn't have any input.
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    Ainge to step down?

    Simmons has been alluding to this for a couple of months now. Also, given the size of the IU offer to Stevens, I would imagine that he and Wyc had a very honest conversation about his future in Boston. I wouldn't be so sure that Stevens is going anywhere regardless of Ainge.
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    Kemba 2021: The Jour-knee Begins

    I don't know that Boston would be the one adding more. KP has one extra year on his contract as compared to Kemba, and given his body type, is probably likely to be oft-injured through the next 3 years. He also can't handle being Luka's sidekick; I'm not sure how well he's going to handle being...
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    Celtics 20-21 Roster Construction

    Sure. Losing 3 max FAs in 2 years is pretty horrendous asset management though in terms of their salary slots evaporating. Simmons and KOC yesterday seemed to think that the long surmised S+T to Indiana is what's best for business for everyone involved.
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    2019-20 Providence College Hoops: Just Add Shooting

    What struck me in the Marquette game was their only attempting 5 3s second half. This team obviously can't shoot (as evidenced by only hitting 1 of those 5, with 4 seconds left), so rather than try to play modern offense, good move on their part turning it back to 1994 and relying on bully ball...
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    Gordon Hayward 2020: I'm standing here in pieces and you're having delusions of grandeur!

    I think to keep both Tatum (assuming it's 5/170 for him) and Hayward probably requires letting Smart go, unless Wyc is up for paying a massive luxury tax bill. At that point, you're at least looking at 2 years of 3 max contracts (Kemba, Hayward, Tatum) and Brown at ~25. Even if Hayward signs at...
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    2015-16 Friars' Mens Basketball Thread: Dunn Guns for 3rd-straight NCAA Run

    I think I consider it an investment in whenever Ed leaves, it won't be for f***ing Pitt but for somewhere actually worth it.
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    2015-16 Friars' Mens Basketball Thread: Dunn Guns for 3rd-straight NCAA Run

    Yeah but Syracuse is an elite job. That's like worrying about losing him to one If the NC schools. If we lose Ed there, then he's done amazing things here and cheers to him.
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    2015-16 Friars' Mens Basketball Thread: Dunn Guns for 3rd-straight NCAA Run

    And on queue: ProJo: Providence College and coach Ed Cooley Working on Contract Extension
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

      So you want them to commit to firing Tom Brady if he's linked to it in any way? 
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

      It basically changes instantaneously in response to temperature. Every high school chemistry or physics class does a lab (or two) monitoring the relationship between pressure, volume, and temperature of gases. 
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    Conference Realignment Thread

    They're not actually going to get less permanently. The C7 have to front the exit fees and start up costs, and new members to other big conferences don't get a full share right away anyway (like Nebraska, Rutgers, Maryland w/ the B10). It'll be equitable in the long run. The C7 aren't idiots...
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    Conference Realignment Thread

    The hoops schools wouldn't have okayed the addition of 5 football schools. Adding Marquette and DePaul made the football:basketball balance an even 8:8, even though the basketball schools just let the football schools push through whatever they want. At this point, I'm a huge proponent of the...