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  1. Pudge Gumley

    2018 NFL Draft Day Two Game Thread w spoilers

    On the NFL Network, the moment Goddell, Branch and Warren walked on stage to announce the Pats pick at 56, the sound slowed to a crawl, like playing a 45 at 33 1/3. Everyone involved sounded like they were sprung from a sitcom version of an acid trip. It was gloriously weird.
  2. Pudge Gumley

    Chris Sale to Boston for Moncada, Kopech, & 2 Prospects

    Bruce Levine reported on Chicago radio (670 The Score) that the Red Sox will pay the full freight of Moncada's remaining bonus $, in the neighborhood of $31M. This probably was the reason the White Sox stopped asking for Betts, 10D, et al.
  3. Pudge Gumley

    2016-2017 NBA Game Thread

    According to my local sports radio station, KLAY amassed a total of 11 dribbles on 33 shot attempts.
  4. Pudge Gumley

    Another Computer Purchase Thread

    I bought a refurbished Twist because the price was ridiculously good, and @Couperin47 did a good job pointing out the durability and value of the Thinkpad line. I think I just lost the refurb lottery: the motherboard failed just before the warranty expired, and was swapped out by Lenovo, took 3...
  5. Pudge Gumley

    Another Computer Purchase Thread

    Having just gone through the research to replace my Thinkpad (which only lasted 2 yrs, rather disappointing), I can attest that has a very readable buyer's guide: At the entry level...
  6. Pudge Gumley

    Matt Latos DFA by the Dodgers

    Latos to the White Sox for 2016, 1 year for 3M. That is quite a fall.
  7. Pudge Gumley

    Major SOSH Upgrade, November 2015

    Unable to see Other Crap, I pledge both cash and fealty for restoring my access. Many thanks!
  8. Pudge Gumley

    4G Android phone megathread

    The Xperia Z3 is the Sony you cite, and I would gladly buy one if I could find a US version new in the box from a reputable vendor.  
  9. Pudge Gumley

    4G Android phone megathread

    Are there any 5"> smartphones left, or does the phablet-style phone now rule unchallenged? Iphones got too big (and the 5s are not ideal for me because I need wifi phone capability),  and now Nexus 5 or Xperia Z3 compact phones are only available from sketchy resellers, mostly "international...
  10. Pudge Gumley

    Cell signal over wifi

    I am not the most sophisticated guy when it comes to tech stuff, and would appreciate some education about why I am having such trouble using my cell phone as, you know, a PHONE. I really like the savings that came from ditching the landline, but the frustrations have been mounting of late.  s  ...
  11. Pudge Gumley

    Gloria Allred calls presser to detail another NFL abuse case

    Brandon Marshall's "evidence" was a letter that Rasheedah Watley recanted when testifying under oath at Marshall's trial.
  12. Pudge Gumley

    Tech Bargain Thread: Post Your Deals Here!

    The Thinkpad Twist that Coup linked to in post 184 (and gave a hearty, persuasive endorsement as well) is now at an even lower price of $325, after going up over $400 for a couple of weeks. I bought one to replace our Toshiba that runs a perpetual fever and has to be plugged in to stay running...
  13. Pudge Gumley

    New HDTV

    Anyone ever order electronics via Groupon Goods?  I am usually skeptical, but this set (Samsung 50'' LED 1080p 60Hz Smart HDTV, item UN50F5500) seems to have good reviews, and $729 is well below current retail...