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  1. ArttyG12

    10/5 - Introducing … THE WILD CARD GAME

    Never mind it was for the reserves
  2. ArttyG12

    10/5 - Introducing … THE WILD CARD GAME

    Did ESPN just show the Yankees intro and then go to commercial for the Red Sox?
  3. ArttyG12

    Week 1 NFL Game Thread

    “Some off the field stuff”
  4. ArttyG12

    Trade deadline

    Rosario to the Braves for a bag of baseballs (and Sandoval).
  5. ArttyG12

    Trade deadline

    I think it's much better than Duran and Downs...more like Mayer and Downs.
  6. ArttyG12

    Trade deadline

    I took it as they were unlikely to move top guys, not make no deal. More they aren’t getting Scherzer level guys than they aren’t getting anyone.
  7. ArttyG12

    Trade deadline

    I've seen this like three times in this thread. Why does Boras care what he's traded for? I could see an argument for "give him a big extension or he'll veto and go to one of the other interested teams" but I don't get why he'd be driving up the trade price through Heyman.
  8. ArttyG12

    Trade deadline

    Can Schwarber play first? Does Casas/Downs/+ start a conversation on Schwarber and Scherzer? Is that enough Sch names to make it look wrong when you're typing it? Yes it is.
  9. ArttyG12

    Cleveland Indians to become the Cleveland Guardians

    That flying G logo could be great if it was a helmet instead of a ball. Make it clearer it's a reference to the head of the statue.
  10. ArttyG12

    Trade deadline

    Downs isn't on Keith Law's updated top 50 either. He's still a prospect but he's definitely taken a hit this year. Mayer/Duran/Casas have definitely passed him, and you could probably argue Yorke and Groome have too.
  11. ArttyG12

    2021 Draft

    Where was that?
  12. ArttyG12

    The Red Sox ARE good. So now what?

    If you trade him and Hernandez regresses or Duran isn't ready then you're in a real hole without many options. If you keep Arroyo and he pumpkins you can move Hernandez to second and give Duran a shot.
  13. ArttyG12

    Andrelton Simmons to refuse COVID-19 vaccine

    I don't really care about him not getting it and he doesn't have to say why, but the "or advocating for it" bit of the statement seems like the most telling line.
  14. ArttyG12

    The Red Sox and Developing Pitching

    Do they get any credit for Logan Allen?
  15. ArttyG12

    Jerry Remy: Players should 'learn baseball language'

    He thought it was the trainer at first. I thought at the time his reaction was basically a quick "that shouldn't be allowed" to cover his error, only then he dug himself deeper trying to justify it. I'd guess he is completely fine with translators and just stupidly tried to cover himself and...
  16. ArttyG12

    Week 2 Game Thread

    Log out and back in
  17. ArttyG12

    All things X related

    The Herald had this article with at the end of June where Xander is openly talking to the press about being exhausted and needing a day - he still didn't get one until a couple days later, and the team almost certainly heard about it before the press did. Since then, he's hitting...
  18. ArttyG12

    Keith Law's Updated Top 50 (you will like it)

    "He's a difference-maker on defense" at shortstop vs "I don't think he's a lock to stay at second long-term."
  19. ArttyG12

    Red Sox Select LHP Jason Groome 12th Overall

    Edit: already posted
  20. ArttyG12

    Red Sox Select LHP Jason Groome 12th Overall

    They're probably not giving specifics what causes the maturity concerns because he's a kid in high school, but pretending guys like Law and Callis are just making it up is crazy. A guy who is generally considered one of the top two picks falls to twelve, and every reporter says there's a...