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  1. Otis Foster

    Like Father, Like Son?

    I split this off from the general discussion about Kraft's alleged involvement with the Jupiter Spa for a couple of reasons, but principally because JOnathan's succession is an issue that the NEP must face sooner or later, and my guess is it's a lot sooner today than it was same time/last week...
  2. Otis Foster

    Putting Your Law Chops to a Good Cause - Last Call

    OK, here's the deal. We've had innumerable pages describing what Berman should do, and why. In fact, portions of this discussion have been as probing and thoughtful as anything you'd find in many law reviews. Contributions from non-lawyers have raised questions experienced lawyers struggle to...
  3. Otis Foster

    Boston the Hub of the Sports Universe?

    Not sure where else to put this, but an interesting article in the WaPo this AM, with quotes from a number of athletes comparing DC's effort to catch up with Boston's all-in fan base. Mods, feel free to move to a more appropriate location:    
  4. Otis Foster

    Teams and TV Dollars

    There are times I wonder if this is a speculative bubble. Baseball reputedly is losing some ground to the NFL and the NBA. Are there sufficient entertainment/sports $ around to support the enormous video and sponsorship commitments that facilitate contracts like this? Deals of this size can only...