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  1. Yaz4Ever

    Providence College program - free to good home

    I was emptying out a bunch of my "sports junk" as my wife likes to call it and came across an old Providence vs. Long Island University program from February 12, 1977. Thumbing through it, I got a bunch of autographs as a 10 year old. None of them mean anything to me, and I doubt they're worth...
  2. Yaz4Ever

    Ting / similar cellular devices

    I recently read an article about Ting and how much you can save with their service.  Out of curiosity, I checked out their website and ran the "how much can I save" calculator.  The results were mind blowing.  So mind blowing, in fact, that I doubt I'm doing this correctly and wanted to hear...
  3. Yaz4Ever

    Upgraded from 30Mbps to 50Mbps, but not seeing a difference

    I recently upgraded from 30Mbps to 50Mbps via TimeWarner Cable Internet as part of a bundle offer.   When I run, I still get the same results (roughly 34Mbps) that I used to see.  I called TimeWarner and they said it's because I'm testing it via wifi.  I explained that I've always...
  4. Yaz4Ever

    Outlook Express on iPhone

    My wife is currently unable to access her work email on her iPhone.  She insists she needs Outlook Express, which I told her is one of the mail options when setting up a new account.  She says she has tried this, but it doesn't work (someone at work told her the iPhone version is a "Lite"...
  5. Yaz4Ever

    wifi dropping in and out / signal strength very weak

    I've got an Arris cable modem/router unit that came from TWC with my 30Mbps service.  My computer (Macbook Air) is located in the same room (roughly 8 feet away from modem/router).  For the most part, my Internet connections are strong.  My wife, however, is constantly complaining that the wifi...
  6. Yaz4Ever

    Shellshock - vulnerability for Mac and Linux - worse than Heartbleed?

    So, I saw an article on Gizmodo or Lifehacker that introduces Mac and Linux users to a new vulnerability which is supposed to be worse than Heartbleed - Shellshock.   I ran the test command through Terminal, as suggested, and my machine shows as vulnerable.   I'm heading to Google to find out...
  7. Yaz4Ever

    So, who goes next?

    There are only three hours left, so who's next to priceline a ticket out of Logan Airport to points unknown?   I left Miller off the poll, because it's fairly obvious he's gone.  
  8. Yaz4Ever

    Thank you, John Lackey   Heyman - Cards getting Lackey.    Rosenthal - Confirmed.  Lackey to #STLCards.  First reported.   A true competitor and World Series champion.  We couldn't have done it...
  9. Yaz4Ever

    Computer build questions - uh oh

    My 14yo son has been saving his money doing odd jobs for the past year and is very excited about building his own computer.   Below is a list of parts and the prices he's found for each.  If anyone can help look it over and offer advice (get a better x / y is just as good but half the price /...
  10. Yaz4Ever

    Office 365 subscription

    I've got two open subscriptions for Office 365 on my account right now.  The two people who were using them no longer need them.  They are paid until October, 2017.  I've got my Office on my computer already, so I don't need either.  Anyone interested?  An HBO Go, HULU Plus, or other service...