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  1. Montana Fan

    Outlook Clock

    Morning all, I'm heading back east tomorrow for a "workcation" and was wondering if anyone knows how to adjust the clock on Outlook to align with Mountain time instead of East Coast time. I want my emails to be timestamped Mountain time instead of East Coast time. Nothing to do with the person...
  2. Montana Fan

    Boating life

    JimEd4HoF posted that he recently purchased a new boat and I was going to ask about it in the Father's Day thread and decided to start a new thread on, boats. I have a drift boat and a raft out here in Montana and recently picked up a SeaArk MVT 1860 for use inshore in FLA. It has a 70hp 4...
  3. Montana Fan

    Receiving Asian Text Messages

    WTF? Been receiving 2+ text messages a minute from 13 digit phone numbers which all start with 86. There's a shit ton of text in the messages but of course it's some kind of text that I don't recognize. I'd guess Japanese. Any suggestions?
  4. Montana Fan

    SoSH Fishing Reports - 2016

    Well the groundhog didn't see his shadow and we've sprung forward. I can't be the only one that's taken advantage of the mild end of winter as the new fishing season begins. Lately I've been fishing the Ruby, Big Hole and Jefferson rivers, all close to home, and have been doing pretty well...
  5. Montana Fan

    Spring Training 2016

    Can any of our ST attendees tell me how Rusney has looked in the cage and at the plate in games? ST pictures and atmosphere comments would be appreciated. Mike F, you down there?
  6. Montana Fan

    SoSH Fishing 2014

    I'm sad to say we skipped the 2013 fishing thread but I can tell you that I sure didn't skip the season as I fished, hiked and camped between 75 - 100 days last year.  A great start has been had to the 2014 season but more about that at another time.   In 2012, SoSH stud Wibi, bought a fishing...
  7. Montana Fan

    Going Paperless

    I finally made the move away from a note pad and am taking all of my notes on an I-Pad. The program I'm using is 7notes. It was $7.99 to download and converts handwriting to text. I'm on day three and it's pretty accurate. The stylus I'm using is the Jotpro. It feels just like a pen and if...
  8. Montana Fan

    Laptops - Not 1 but 2

    Morning folks, in 2008 I purchased 2 Dell Inspiron laptops for my wife and daughter. Both are pretty worn out and I am thinking about getting a couple more. I bought the prior 2 at Staples for $499 each and we got our money's worth out of them. I'd like to pick up a couple more in the same...
  9. Montana Fan

    Typo I-Phone Keyboard Case

    Anyone else contemplating buying one of these if they are actually released? I like the look of it but $99 is half the cost I paid for the phone. Blackberry has a lawsuit against Typo due to the similarity in the keyboards. If any of you see or try it I'd be interested in hearing your...