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  1. allmanbro

    ALCS 2021: Red Sox vs. Astros Discussion Thread

    This is exactly how this team has felt through the playoff run: when the offense clicks (even if just for an inning or two), it doesn't seem to matter who is pitching or what they do, the Sox will score at least 3 runs in that inning. When the offense doesn't click, it doesn't seem to matter...
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    ALCS 2021: Red Sox vs. Astros Discussion Thread

    Haha, thanks! I am tired . . .
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    ALCS 2021: Red Sox vs. Astros Discussion Thread

    Passan keeps quoting the total number of missed calls (and how balanced that was), but to my eye, he had pretty clearly established a wide zone, that both teams were pitching to. Which means the correctly called balls that are close are the anomalies. It also makes the pitch to Castro more...
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    ALCS 2021: Red Sox vs. Astros Discussion Thread

    Greinke is exactly the kind of guy who could unexpectedly gut out a solid outing despite his recent struggles - even short of a real gem, it would be so huge for the 'stros if he could manage a serviceable 5 IP. That's why I'll really want to see another crooked number in the first couple...
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    ALCS 2021: Red Sox vs. Astros Discussion Thread

    Fortunately, for all the uncertainty in how the Sox can mix and match pitchers to fill the needed innings, the Astros are currently facing a bigger version of the same problem. It would be really nice to be able to chase Urquidy relatively early and keep that pressure on the Astros staff...
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    MLB in talks to launch nationwide streaming service for home games without cable TV

    It says this, which is pretty vague: I'm not sure I'm understanding the idea correctly, but it sounds like you'd subscribe for $10-20/mo for only your local team's games, and then presumably MLB.TV would still be the way to watch all the other games with its own fee. It seems a bit cumbersome...
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    ALCS 2021: Red Sox vs. Astros Discussion Thread

    Ooops, dumb mistake, I pictured Brantley on the wrong side. The animating thought was that they might want to try something different to shake things up for Sale.
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    ALCS 2021: Red Sox vs. Astros Discussion Thread

    I wonder how likely it is that, if and when Sale is going, he gets an opener. Having a righty go for the first inning would mean a huge shift in look/arm angle going to Sale. The Astros lineup is so deep he's still facing good hitters when he comes in, so that part of the opener concept is not...
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    Is the 3,000 hit club over?

    Presumably, in time, trends will shift again and we will see more hits. Maybe not. I have been mulling the thought that "On Base" is terrible branding. For instance, Wander's "on base streak" doesn't really capture the imagination. So why not just rename it. Define a new stat, like a "reach" or...
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    At This Point in the Season, What Would You Consider a Success?

    It's funny, I really am actually satisfied with what the team has done. I have often recognized that I should feel that way, but while the team is still playing and there is some next accomplishment that seems within reach (make the playoffs, win this series, get to 90 wins, whatever), I am...
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    I had expected lots more finagling going on because pitchers would have heavy innings limits this year after the short season last year. Maybe that picks up too as pitchers run into those limits. Richards definitely seems like a candidate to try this with, since he seems like a good candidate...
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    Hi, I'm Kyle Schwarber and I hit bombs!

    This might be a fluke (no idea how you assess sample sizes on something like this), but it's easy to imagine a guy who takes hacks like Schwarber having an especially hard time on fastballs with a lot of "rise" and feasting on those that don't. If so, maybe he is a beneficiary of the sticky...
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    Hi, I'm Kyle Schwarber and I hit bombs!

    Not a Cubs fan, but I remember him absolutely crushing his home runs that postseason, and looking that up led me to this fun compilation: View: Looks like he's hit a couple this year that would have made the list (which you can find here)
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    Michael Chavis traded for Austin Davis

    The minor league record for Austin Davis is actually quite good, and he's only thrown 72.1 MLB innings. This might mean one of two things, either just that Bloom sees some upside once he really adjusts to MLB, or that there is something in the MiLB record that the baseball ops people can mine to...
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    Trade deadline

    Maybe they got Maeda as a throw-in along with Robles?
  16. allmanbro

    Trade deadline

    Bell has historically hit righties better than lefties, so even if you are pessimistic, he could platoon. He also has the potential to get hot. One more year of control, so WAS might hold and hope he can regain some value in the second half.
  17. allmanbro

    Sale's Return - When and in What Capacity?

    I'll definitely admit that I had been hesitant to go all-in on excitement for this team, but at this point it seems pretty undeniable. And my biggest worry - the rotation falling apart - is hugely mitigated by a healthy Sale. A couple notes on yesterday's start: His velocity was a bit down...
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    MLB Trade Deadline 2021

    Hill has struggled since the sticky crackdown, so the Rays might think he's unlikely to be very good without it.
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    Poll: How many games are the Dodgers going to win? (2021 regular season)

    I was going to put 105-109, but went one level down to 100-104 - all the regression points hold, but also they have to play the Padres a lot. Those battles will take them down a bit.
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    In the minors, a major change as the Atlantic League plans to move the mound back a foot

    I don't really like the double hook rule, but it might mean fewer mid-inning pitching changes, which would be OK by me - probably not by a lot. This might be an interesting wrinkle: instead of saying you only get to DH for the starting pitcher, why not say "you can only DH for one pitcher" -...