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  1. LogansDad

    March 2021 Game Thread

    Figure we may as well have one. Mark Stone had 5 assists Monday in a come from behind win. But these Minnesota jerseys tonight are magnificient.
  2. LogansDad

    January 2021 Game Thread

    Nothing for Opening Night? For shame. Torey Krug in a Blues jersey is going to take some getting used to.
  3. LogansDad

    Joe Posnanski's 60 Greatest Baseball Moments

    In happy and unexpected Sunday morning news, Joe has announced his new series at The Athletic. This should be fun.
  4. LogansDad

    Must See TV: 2020 NHL Players (Non-Bruins) Edition

    There's no hockey on and I'm bored. I don't know if this will get any traction but wanted to give it a shot. Obviously we all enjoy watching hockey, and most of our time is focused on the Bruins. I think hockey is the most beautiful sport on the planet, and I love how every team has to work...
  5. LogansDad

    West Finals: Sharks vs. Blues

    Should be a fun series. I think the Blues are probably a little better overall, deeper at forward, and have the advantage in net. I think the Sharks D is slightly better, and they are a little more experienced. Someone hit a power pole in my neighborhood and I cannot verify these statements...
  6. LogansDad

    NHL Eastern Conference Semis

    Carolina vs New York of the Island Type Discussion goes here, in case anyone cares.
  7. LogansDad

    NHL Western Conference Semis

    St Louis vs Dallas and San Jose vs Colorado Lots of fun teams. Discussion goes here.
  8. LogansDad

    NHL All Star Game Weekend

    I know it's way out here in the west, but anyone watching the Skills competition tonight? This is the first one I've gotten to watch since I started playing the sport, so I'm pretty pumped to watch these guys.
  9. LogansDad

    12/14 I Guess this is Better Than the Alternative

    If the Bruins keep winning, I'll keep going, I suppose. They play Pittsburgh today, for those who want to watch.
  10. LogansDad

    I Guess I Need to Keep Going

    I only started the thread Saturday because it was 20 minutes to game time, and nobody else had. I didn't want to get myself into any more stressful, long term commitments, but here I am. Anyhow, the Bruins play the Coyotes today, in case anybody wanted to watch them.
  11. LogansDad

    12/9 I Guess I'm Stuck Now

    Well, the Bruins had to go and end their losing streak the day I started a game thread, so now I have to do it again. They play Ottawa today, in case anyone was wondering.
  12. LogansDad

    12/8 I Guess Someone Needs to do This

    The Bruins play today against Toronto. Just thought you guys would like to know.
  13. LogansDad

    December NHL Game Thread

    This was missing, good day of hockey today. Flyers/Sabres is on now, and is a really fun game through a period plus. The always entertaining Golden Knights take on the Kings, basically as soon as this one is over. Bruins at 4 PST, but I think the highlights of that set are Tampa vs...
  14. LogansDad

    Mookie Betts: Your 2018 American League MVP

    28 of 30 votes, and a baby in his lap. It's a little dusty in here.
  15. LogansDad

    27 October vs Montreal

    Hopefully the Canadiens show up as drunk as Ian Kinsler was for his pinch running appearance. I hate this team more than any other team in professional sports. This is also the longest game thread streak I have had in my completely undistinguished game thread starting career, and I would...
  16. LogansDad

    25 October vs Philadelphia

    <Insert witty comment here> I'm the worst game thread starter, but winning is fun so I would like to keep going.
  17. LogansDad

    23 October vs Ottawa

    Win, because it's Tuesday, and winning is more fun on Tuesday than losing.
  18. LogansDad

    May 2018 MLB News Thread

    Kershaw got put on the DL last night with biceps tendinitis. Undetermined timetable for return. This sucks. Link
  19. LogansDad

    Pedro on Papi in The Players' Tribune

    Screw it, I'm making a thread for this. Because Papi's number is getting retired on Friday (my birthday) and I can't get back to Boston to be there. Also, because it's Pedro. And because as fun as the kids are to watch, I miss Papi and Pedro.
  20. LogansDad

    2 January - Marty's Ghosts

    I like watching the Bruins win games. They should keep doing this. Especially since tomorrow is my custody hearing, and I need a pick me up tonight.