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  1. effectivelywild

    Sox sign Wacha

    Wherever Rodan signs, he should just be glad that his nemesis Hideki Matsui has retired.
  2. effectivelywild

    ERod to Tigers: 5 years/$77 million, opt out after Y2

    Yeah I thought your post upthread was interesting---at some point I remember posting that it would be interesting to look at contract value based on contract type but I was too lazy to do it---and then you did it! Your conclusions seem pretty solid. I think a lot of people are on board with the...
  3. effectivelywild

    ERod to Tigers: 5 years/$77 million, opt out after Y2

    Out of curiosity, then, what would be your "desirable" category? Guys who have already had TJ? That's usually a red flag, not a point in their favor. Erod has pitched six seasons in the majors and has 2 years where he has pitched more than 150 innings---2019 (203.1) and 2021 (157.2). Generally...
  4. effectivelywild

    Red Sox Offseason discussion

    I think the Sox are preaching a new offensive philosophy of trying to take advantage of the "third time through the order" penalty by getting through the order the first two times with a minimum number of pitches, thus enticing opposing managers to leave their starters in.
  5. effectivelywild

    Red Sox Offseason discussion

    I would also argue that the Sox lack of success with drafting and developing pitchers is an argument for why they shouldn't start investing a lot of high draft picks on them. If you're bad at something, it is not usually a good idea to keep doing it. Using the Dodgers as an example, I think it's...
  6. effectivelywild

    ALCS 2021: Red Sox vs. Astros Discussion Thread

    The Athletic had an article this morning that talked about how Eovaldi had been working with Sale to try to help him with his mechanics. Eovaldi was saying that when he would come back from TJ surgery, he noticed it was easy for his mechanics to get slightly out of whack in the months after he...
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    ALCS 2021: Red Sox vs. Astros Discussion Thread

    There's a reddit thread about this ( that also links to an older page that has a list ( But it is...
  8. effectivelywild

    ALDS 2021: Red Sox vs. Rays General Discussion Thread

    My wife is a personal trainer in L.A. and one of her clients is a stylist for Fox Sports. After game 1 the company decided they weren't going to be sending their big guns to cover the ALCS in person because "it was gonna be Houston versus Tampa Bay and no one will watch it anyway."
  9. effectivelywild

    Now it's Sale's turn: Sale has COVID, will not start Sunday (9/10 update)

    EV's not walking through that door.
  10. effectivelywild

    Trade deadline

    Yeah, even if you don't think much of the prospects going out, a lot of guys are spending prospect capital for a chance to have a 50/50 shot of making the real playoffs. I think the combination of the farm system being still only partially rebuilt and being so close to the LT is still a huge...
  11. effectivelywild

    Joe McDonald: Duran coming up

    ...I know. I was lurking on the board at the time. I was leaning into the joke. Sorry for reviving such an old joke.
  12. effectivelywild

    Joe McDonald: Duran coming up

    He never should have signed with the Sox if he was gonna be unhappy with a part-time role. He had to know what he was getting into.
  13. effectivelywild

    Red Sox sign Enrique Hernandez (2 years, 14 mil)

    I wonder if it would make more sense when evaluating contract value to try to divide them into subsets----maybe short (1-2 year), medium (3-5) and long (6+) year deals to get more of an apples to apples comparison. Yes, you create smaller samples but you also then make a better apples to apples...
  14. effectivelywild

    The Red Sox ARE good. So now what?

    Well, I guess my question is "How would this show weakness as a leader?" Is it showing unwillingness to challenge players? Perhaps demonstrating that his players would refuse to go out of their comfort zone? I'm all for questioning things and considering other possibilities, but I do think that...
  15. effectivelywild

    The Red Sox ARE good. So now what?

    Or MAYBE it's a sign of strength as a leader. I mean, if we're conjecturing on what batting order says about Cora's strengths and weaknesses as a leader, why not make it positive? It's got just as ground to stand on as the reverse, ya know?
  16. effectivelywild

    Bullpen '21

    I think that phrase is mostly used in bases loaded situations, with the implication that a walk drives a guy in just like a single would (ignoring the obvious potential for a hit to drive in multiple guys). I've also heard it used for when teams are down by a lot and just need baserunners if...
  17. effectivelywild

    The Red Sox ARE good. So now what?

    This seems like a bit of an oversimplification though because obviously you're leaving out all other stats in this comparison. The Sox are second in the AL in runs, and that's with some notable black holes. Trying to change the approach ("hey guys, take more pitches and walk more") will likely...
  18. effectivelywild

    2021 Draft

    Any word on what he uses for grip? Rosin and sunscreen? Does Vandy have a proprietary mixture. (Mostly) kidding.
  19. effectivelywild

    Sale's Return - When and in What Capacity?

    Plus if they need to get out from under the contract, they can always package Sale with Devers and trade them to the Dodgers.