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  1. Winger 03

    Nexus 7 to a TV

    I need to be able to have a presentation on my Nexus 7 be displayed onto a television / monitor. I will not have wifi where I need to do this and would like to think that some sort of cable will make it all happen. I have seen something by a company called SlimPort but am not entirely sure...
  2. Winger 03

    Tablet with NFC

    I am looking for a really inexpensive tablet with NFC to use only at trade shows for lead retrieval purposes.  A refurb is fine.  Any suggestions of what to get and where to get them?
  3. Winger 03

    Help Finding A Box Score from 1993

    Hi folks.  Is there a resource to locate minor league box scores?   In particular I am looking for a 1993 game between the Bowie Baysox (home) and whomever they played in their home opener (either London Tigers or Canton-Akron Indians - I cannot remember).  The game was the organizations home...