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  1. caminante11

    May 1 7:05 pm at Texas: Winning streak here we come

    Red Sox should not lose another game in this series. ERod going today and that is as close to a sure thing as there is.
  2. caminante11

    April 30 8:05 pm at Texas: Game Thread Pledge

    The Red Sox survived the yellow uniforms and some game thread madness in Queens but what happened yesterday was too much for them to take. I pledge to be back tomorrow to start a game thread after the Red Sox win today. And will start a game thread every day of the 25 game winning streak...
  3. caminante11

    Danny Mars, OF: 2014 MLB Draft 6th Round

    6th round: Danny Mars, CF, Chipola College (FL)
  4. caminante11

    Logging in takes me to the mobile version even on PC

    Hi, I need the regular version which I can see when logged out but when I log in, I get the mobile version on my PC and don't see a way to change to the regular version. What is going on?