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    Poll: How long will the MLB lockout last?

    The Savannah Bananas!
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    Savannah Bananas: baseball fun??

    SoSH favorite Eric Byrnes named manager for the Bananas Premier Team (the one that plays Banana-bal). View:
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    Savannah Bananas: baseball fun??

    Banana Ball World Tour announced.....
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    Goodbye Gruden and ongoing Snyder investigation discussion

    Look at the WFT and their "investigation" All that happened was that no report was issued and Snyder became more powerful by buying out his partners and taking on more debt that the league allows. My guess is there was a "change the name and we will not release what is in this report" dealings...
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    Google Image Search

    When I tried it in Firefox, that option was not there, changing to Chrome it was. Maybe that is the trick?
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    Field scheduling issues

    Would something as simple as Signup Genius work? Load in the available times / locations and list only one or 2 slots for teams to take.
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    Savannah Bananas: baseball fun??

    You will not be disappointed.
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    Savannah Bananas: baseball fun??

    The 3rd baseman who made that play, Bill LeRoy is their usual catcher during the CPL season. He is a Bananas legend - having played on their CPL team for 4 seasons and is a pretty good guy. He and my son go to the same college. He is also the same guy who "announced himself" back in late...
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    Savannah Bananas: baseball fun??

    Bananas win the CPL, final record including playoffs was 40-10. There is some really good baseball among the frivolity. They are getting a lot of national attention lately, well worth a trip to Savannah to see what it is all about.
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    Field of Dreams

    I'd like the opinions on the success of this initiative from the 40 towns that lost their minor league teams this year. Aside from that - I guess it could be interesting to watch, but the relationship to the movie is quite thin.
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    Savannah Bananas: baseball fun??

    Bananas make the finals (best of 3) starting on Thursday. I believe I have tickets for the Friday game which could be the clincher. They had a nearly 3 hr rain delay mid-game last night and won 10-0. The fun continues!
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    Savannah Bananas: baseball fun??

    That is true, but they have been destroying the Bacon all season long. Macon out of the playoffs, so my only hope for a game when there is SAV makes it to the finals. They play a "Breakfast Bowl" series against the Bacon after the regular season ends - I believe those are Banana Ball games.
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    Savannah Bananas: baseball fun??

    Indeed that was the game. Kind of fun that the only Bananas game we have been to is getting a lot of notoriety. They are also all-in on the new NIL rules and are doing specific jerseys for each player and the sale of those jerseys will benefit the players...
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    Savannah Bananas: baseball fun??

    So I went to a Bananas game on Saturday. You may have seen something about it on Barstool or ESPN - we were at the game where a player did his own walk-up announcement. Saturday's game was a normal CPL league game, regular baseball, not "Banana Ball" with the different rules. I could go on...
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    Savannah Bananas: baseball fun??

    I believe they have a separate roster because most of the exhibition games are during the off season. Though, I suspect, there can be some crossover but I am unsure about how "getting paid" may align with the NCAA rules for college players. So as you can surmise... I am not certain, but I'll...
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    Savannah Bananas: baseball fun??

    I am going to a game there next Saturday. My daughter cannot wait, she is a huge fan based on their TikTok account. We have been on the Bananas for a couple of years, their trajectory to national attention is nothing short of amazing. The team is a summer team not unlike the Worcester...
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    What Can/Should NY Do?

    What is Ozzie Guillen up to these days?
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    How did you discover SoSH?

    I was on NYYFans at one time.....
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    USFL to return in spring 2022

    So lets pull on this JV thread a little. What if each team was affiliated with an NFL team. Used their facilities etc etc. The JV (lets call it that) would play an abbreviated game at the same location as the NFL team on game day. Suppose the JV game kicks off at 9am, lasts 2 hrs of real...