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  1. staz

    NASCAR 2021

    The 63rd Daytona 500 started at 3:00 EST, got in 15 laps before it started raining (like it does every day at that time) and is now under weather delay/red flag. The weather is finally passing and the dryer trucks are flame broiling the water off the track. (It's almost like the gods are BEGGING...
  2. staz

    Home Security Camera & Automation Tech

    [Background: Our Dynamark home security system protects against burglary/intrusion/fire and is monitored remotely via landline to a staffed service center. An alarm results in the immediate dispatch of PD and/or FD. Our insurance discount basically pays for the security and landline services...
  3. staz

    Tedy Bruschi suffered a stroke Suffered a TIA stroke 7/4, but is recovering well. Best wishes to #54 and his family.
  4. staz

    Welcome to Boston, Brandon Phillips

    Per WEEI edit: Minor league deal per Rob Bradford
  5. staz

    World Series Game 7: No Tomorrow

    The National League Champion Los Angeles Dodgers will host the American League Champion Houston Astros for a baseball game to be played at Dodger Stadium. The winner of this game will subsequently be known as the Major League Baseball World Champions for the 2017 season. Discuss.
  6. staz

    Spring Training News

    Full squad workouts have begun and yet this post doubles DOUBLES the number of posts today in this ENTIRE FORUM. People, give the SB51 DVR a rest, a division title needs defending. Let's kicks things off with Benintendi's Ruthian shot off Brian Johnson today...
  7. staz

    Jet Lag and Performance

    AP reports on a study that suggests sending SPs home a day or two before the end of a multi-time zone midwest/west coast road trip might yield benefits. Wonder if this could impact the schedule of planned days off for position players as well. Caught napping: Baseball hitting, pitching sapped...
  8. staz

    Week 16 Game Thread

    Thursday Game: Eagles host Giants NYG on a roll, but JPP is out and Sproles is back. and just like that, TD Sproles.
  9. staz

    Week 11 Game Thread

    It's Thursday Night and 80% of the seats in Bank of America Stadium are empty 15 minutes before kickoff of Panthers/Saints. Perhaps BoA should have set mandatory sales goals for their stadium instead.
  10. staz Class Action Suit

    New and discounted services - seems legit: UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK NOTICE TO PERSONS WHO PURCHASED MLB EXTRA INNINGS FROM COMCAST OR DIRECTV OR PURCHASED MLB.TV You Have an Opportunity to Subscribe to Discounted Individual Team Packages through MLB.TV...
  11. staz

    So, how did you spend your month?

    ... since The Precious? I've literally viewed the entire game 5 times, the pick maybe 300 times, every fan reaction video the Internet has to offer, the game thread, and every public appearance by every team member. My DVR is busting at the seams. Yet I still can't get enough.
  12. staz

    2 Sources, 1 Monitor?

    Is there a computer monitor that can simultaneously display a 2nd source? I would like to be working on an Excel file while live DirecTV content is displayed in a corner or even split screen.
  13. staz

    Registration asking for job title, organization and media type. I don't work in baseball, but would like access to the goodies there. Any particular strategy better than others? Or is this a 'no chance in hell' situation?
  14. staz

    Bill Lee on MLB Radio 4/5

    Lee ripping Haywood, Buddy, Zimmer mercilessly with his characteristic unfiltered venom. Multiple LOL lines, too many to mention. I'll try to find a link.
  15. staz

    Tomorrowland Ballpark

    Brought to you by the folks at Populous. While a transparent display would offer plenty of possibilities, the Norman Rockwell in me hopes this isn't the direction ballpark design is headed. I attend games to, you know, watch the game, be a part of a involved crowd and drink a damn beer or two...