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  1. edoug

    The Babe in color.

    There is other footage of Babe Ruth but for other reasons this is really special. Like what happened when it rained and a first baseman that the Yankees could never live without. I forgot the video. View:
  2. edoug

    Fun web site I just found. I do not know how long it has been around but it is awesome. There is so much to do there. If you go there and pick a team, there are links that are for details and play by play. Click on the detail links. here...
  3. edoug

    RIP Elgin Baylor An all time great that had the misfortune of playing in the NBA the same time as Bill Russell.
  4. edoug

    Lou Gehrig on the Babe's called shot.

    Interesting piece of baseball history. Lou Gehrig talking about Babe Ruth's called shot in the '32 World Series. View:
  5. edoug

    Happy Birthday, Rickey Henderson

    That's the first words spoken to him today, by him. What a talent. What a character.
  6. edoug

    RIP Tom Seaver Truly an all=time great.
  7. edoug

    Happy birthday to The Kid

    102 years ago, a legend was born. He accomplished many things but his work with the Jimmy Fund and the following show how truly great he was. Edit: His career in baseball and service to his country obviously are terrific. But the commitment to the Jimmy Fund and his HOF makes him even more...
  8. edoug

    Happy birthday George

    A a Sox fan, you are missed. The rivalry isn't as entertaining without you.
  9. edoug

    Happy Patriot's Day

    It should almost be game time but that's the way things have to be. I only made it to 1 Patriot's Day game. In 1983, The Sox lost to the Brewers 14-0.
  10. edoug

    Happy Anniversary. Capt. Carl

    Yaz debuted 59 years ago today. He went 1 for 5, a single, with 2K's and a CS.
  11. edoug

    Choose your Red Sox house

    In the NBA suspends it's season there is a post about you would want to be quarantined in, The Red Sox have done the same thing except with Sox legends (and some not). View...
  12. edoug

    Tuuka Rask stinks (literally)

    I don't think there is more to add.
  13. edoug

    The new "Ohtani" rule

    Teams with 2 way players are allowed to let a pitcher rehab while letting them hit in the bigs. That team does lose the right to bring up someone to replace him. I'm kind of indifferent to it. It may help a team but not greatly...
  14. edoug

    True a la carte?

    If it is to be, you can thank Maine. I think Rep. Jeffrey Evangelos might deserve to be a member here. And here's what the cable companies think of this proposal...
  15. edoug

    Christian Yelich is awesome.

    Even just walking up to the plate. I'm guessing she doesn't have much of a sense of humor and she wouldn't be very happy if she knew what that song is about...
  16. edoug

    Best Yankee sites for info

    I was just looking on and was wondering about comparable sites for Yankee's fans. Or any other MLB teams for that matter but Yankees in particular.
  17. edoug

    RIP Kevin Towers He was just 56.
  18. edoug

    This time it counts.

    The NBA's Grand Poohbah has decided that near 400 point All Star games aren't what he was looking for.
  19. edoug

    Help with pc

    Recently my power went off for a couple of seconds. When i tried to turn the pc back on the lights came on and the mouse lit up but not the keyboard and the monitor said no signal. There were also no beeps.
  20. edoug

    The Glenallen Hill award winner for 2016 is

    Brewers RP Will Smith. Injures his knee taking off his shoe. He may need surgery.