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    Wild Card Weekend game thread (non-Pats)

    Nah, those gloves fit!
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    2022 Patriots Season

    BB is undoubtedly on to 2022 already. While obviously a lot of changes can happen from season to season, at first glance there are NOT many cupcakes on next season's schedule. The Jets and the Lions are just about the only obvious cupcakes. They play the AFC North and the NFC North: Ravens...
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    2022 HOF Candidates: Ortiz and Papelbon First Time on Ballot

    He has always been one of those guys that has some innate need to take the contrary side of everything! If you stated that water was wet, he'd argue with you.
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    Jon Lester announces his retirement

    Clear evidence that his best years weren't behind him when we traded him that July. I went to his last game at Fenway... when he walked off at the end of the top of the 7th, a shutout going IIRC, we knew we had seen his last start at home. I was always a fan of his game, even as a Cub. As for...
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    2022 coaching carousel

    If Flores returns, that will make 3 former head coaches backing up BB.
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    Week 18 game thread?

    I agree completely. After the run got them into very reasonable FG range, if LV, had let the clock run out without attempting the FG, there is no doubt that all anyone would be taking about today would be issues relating to "the integrity of the game". And kicking that FG also greatly...
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    Week 18 game thread?

    Well, they have already beat 2 of them this season.
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    Tompa Bay: Tom Tom Club

    Gronk made two $500,000 incentive bonuses today. He needed 7 more catches and 85 more yards. Both were accomplished.
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    Pats vs. the Phins in the South Florida house of horrors, with homage to The Chewbacca Defense.

    Please correct me if I am wrong. If KC happens to lose to Denver (it's just after halftime) and Tennessee and Cincinnati lose their 1PM games tomorrow, the Patriots have a bone fide reason to win tomorrow... first round bye. Otherwise, it really doesn't matter, right?
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    Tompa Bay: Tom Tom Club

    Injured or not, even players at 70% can fill a role. Just a decoy for a play or 2. Remember a crippled Gronl in a playoff game ? Well, in that instance, he probably didn't fool anyone. But AN, even if not 100%, might have served a purpose for a couple of plays, perhaps even drawing 2 defenders.
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    2022 HOF Candidates: Ortiz and Papelbon First Time on Ballot

    Report today with 112 votes made public...Ortiz is on 82.4% of them.
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    2022 HOF Candidates: Ortiz and Papelbon First Time on Ballot

    Players don't get to choose their team affiliation, but the decision is made with the players' input apparently. My larger point is that this issue of "caps" will need to be systematically addressed and one team HOF careers are becoming rare events. Let's say Mookie has a similar (but not...
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    2022 HOF Candidates: Ortiz and Papelbon First Time on Ballot

    Schilling says in radio interview that if he was selected for the HOF , it wouldn't be a Red Sox cap on the plaque. He also had some "unkind" words about the Red Sox ownership. I suspect that he won't have to worry about the cap anyway. But his career between Philly, Arizona and the Sox is...
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    Tompa Bay: Tom Tom Club

    As far as any chance of returning to the Bucs or any other team, I strongly suspect that the NFL will have a well deserved suspension in store for AB. His dancing and prancing on the way off the field probably speaks to how badly injured he was. Besides, even if injured, he's a hell of a...
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    1/2 JAGs at Patriots

    Pats not on in Florida. Will put my efforts towards Titans over the Dolphins. If Pats win, they clinch a WC with either a Dolphins loss or a Raiders loss.
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    2022 HOF Candidates: Ortiz and Papelbon First Time on Ballot

    So far, so good for Big Papi! He is leading so far with 82% of the ballots that have been made public so far! If Clemens is successful, has he ever indicated what team he'd choose...
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    Big Papi not a Fan of Valentine's Day (or Month or Year)

    Hey, I just finished reading the SI story without realizing it was years old. I may well have read the thread back in 2017, but I honestly don't remember it. Cognitive decline?
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    Week 15 NFL Gamethread

    I just always root for the team with the worst record. Or earlier in the season, just root for anyone playing an AFC East team.
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    Week 15 NFL Gamethread

    A Ravens loss would help the position of the Patriots while a GB loss helps the position of my other team, the Bucs. Conflicts!