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  1. OCD SS

    The Mainboard MLB Lockout Thread

    We're a month and a half in since MLB ownership locked out all players on the 40-man roster the second the CBA expired, bringing to an end the longest recent run of uninterrupted run of labor peace in professional sports. At the deadline the MLBPA had submitted a plan focused on the economics of...
  2. OCD SS

    2022 SoSH HOF Ballot

    The BBWA ballots for the HOF are due postmarked on December 31, and with not much else to talk about, I thought it would be worth having SoSHers post their own ballots. I was going to list this as a poll, but the board software doesn't accommodate that many options in a single poll, so just post...
  3. OCD SS

    JD: In or Out?

    The Sox off-season is going to start with whether a 34 year old JD Martinez exercises his contract’s opt out clause, or decides to stay with the Red Sox. The off-season omnibus thread has some certainty on both sides of the issue, so to the SoSH polls! This decision is entirely up to JD, so 5...
  4. OCD SS

    What to do with a found iPhone?

    While walking to a restaurant for my anniversary last night, I found an iPhone 12 laying on the ground. I checked and it was on the “Hello” start up screen, so had been remotely wiped and I presume activation locked. I’d like to get it back to rightful owner, so I called Apple and they don’t...
  5. OCD SS

    Sox Extend Barnes; 2 years, $18.75 M

    Per MLB: Link 2 years plus an option for 2024, thread title updated with guaranteed money.
  6. OCD SS

    The #4 Pick

    We're less than two weeks to draft day, and we're getting a little more clarity, and it seems like this draft just doesn't have a play with an absolute lock on 1/1. Depending on your view there may be as many as 8 guys who could shuffle around the top picks, with slot values and signability...
  7. OCD SS

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    I can't believe we've come to draft day with nary a thread. The Sox have the 17th pick in a draft with Covid-19 altered rules that promises to have teams trying different strategies (or just going super conservative & trying to save money) in response. If you're looking to catch up, here's a...
  8. OCD SS

    Moving Hanley to 1B

    This is very simple: so far Hanley's transition to LF has gone so well that we're actually looking back favorably at Manny's defense in in front of the Monster. Napoli is not long for the Sox, so there will be a hole at 1B while there's still a surplus of OFs on the roster.   Do you think the...