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  1. j44thor

    It's too bad we don't have a Packers thread

    This article about the Rodgers / McCarthy feud is something else. I'd call it a hit piece on both but there are ample on the record quotes to back up a decent amount of it.
  2. j44thor

    LOOGY-in-waiting Robby Scott

    How did Robbie Scott look? Had an identical box score. I've got no idea what is stuff is like.
  3. j44thor

    NHL forced to unseal a ton of emails aka. C Cambell is an idiot

    This is related to the concussion lawsuit brought against the NHL. No smoking guns yet but Colin Cambell does come off exactly as one would expect him to. Also very interesting to see just how connected McKenzie and Dreger are to the NHL. Globe and Mail piece on this HFboards has a good...