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    MLB Offseason 2020 News & Notes

    Trevor Bauer is looking for 5/6 yrs at $36-40MM per?!?!?!? For a guy with a career 3.90 ERA, wanting to earn more than Gerrit Cole's record contract is just delusional.
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    Covid and MLB

    Think he's trying to say we got caught with our pants down breaking protocol going to a casino, and are now outraged that people are actually looking into it (contact tracing)...
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    Covid and MLB

    iIt doesn't help that most of these guys (outside of all of the coaches/managers) are not wearing masks, and the few that are have them down around their mouths and not covering their noses and just look ridiculous (looking at you Verdugo and Lin). Add in the constant supposedly "banned"...
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    Covid and MLB

    Any truth to the rumor Adrian Gonzalez helped write that text?
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    Baseball on Television

    Not sure if this is the right place, but is streaming the Pedro 1-hit, 17k game vs NYY from '99 today at 1:00PM EST.
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    Who is the first Red Sox First Baseman you can remember?

    Buckner here. And wow, going back and looking at his stats (back in '86-when I truly got into baseball and totally fell in love with the Sox, he was only .267./.311/.733, how he managed 102 RBI by today's standards is mind-boggling-different eras I guess), our last few First Basemen people...