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  1. JMDurron

    NFL Officiating: Zebras gone wild

    What you describe is exactly what I want. Of course, what I want is also informed by the fact that I care about 1 NFL team only, and care nothing at all about length of games in that context. So, it's fair that there needs to be some kind of adjustment to permit the "eye in the sky" potential...
  2. JMDurron

    2022 SoSH HOF Ballot

    I really don't understand the Abreu argument. Even in comparison to Jeff Kent (who is a borderline candidate himself), he pales offensively in counting stats, while simultaneously being a Corner OF in comparison to a middle IFer (a butcher defensively, but still a middle IFer). Is this a...
  3. JMDurron

    2022 SoSH HOF Ballot

    For what it's worth, I thought the defensive argument for Rolen was so obvious that I didn't even think to mention it. It's also a major factor in why I ignored Jeff Kent. He really was a 2B in name only in my mind, a rich man's Dan Uggla with the glove.
  4. JMDurron

    2022 SoSH HOF Ballot

    1. Barry Bonds 2. Roger Clemens 3. Alex Rodriguez 4. David Ortiz 5. Scott Rolen 6. Curt Schilling The first 6 were the easy ones for me. 7. Manny Ramirez 8. Gary Sheffield The next two were the grudging "well, if I'm not going to penalize for steroids beyond 'nothing but HRs' guys like...
  5. JMDurron

    The Game Goat Thread: Wk. 16 at Indy

    The offensive coaching staff, but not because of game day. I don’t know what happened during practice this week, but the timing and execution of blocking on seemingly routine plays was just off at key times. Harry went from being a blocking beast to either whiffing or being hopelessly behind on...
  6. JMDurron

    NCAA volleyball championship

    I picked up WIS-LOU while "channel surfing" last night, and found myself unwilling to change the channel during the 4th and 5th sets. Some great rallies during that match.
  7. JMDurron

    Krafts are closing off the open end of Gillette

    I'm glad to see this. It always felt like wasted HFA to me to see that noise-reducing open gap in the stadium. Every team should try to build/renovate their stadiums to maximize crowd noise (ok, maybe except the LAC), all else being equal.
  8. JMDurron

    AFC playoff chase 2021

    IND may have an interesting dilemma with the new season length - how do they ride Taylor enough to snag a WC spot, but not so much that they wear his tread all the way down before January? I wonder how consistent his usage will stay down the stretch.
  9. JMDurron

    2021 MLB offseason - news and notes

    Speaking of worrying about money, is there any hint of up-front money, such as a signing bonus? I'm wondering about a guy who has only had one year of MLB paychecks, heading into a near-certain labor stoppage. There's that near-term money worry that might have influenced his decision-making...
  10. JMDurron

    ALCS 2021: Red Sox vs. Astros Discussion Thread

    The worst part of this is that there’s nothing of any value to analyze, debate, or otherwise dig into. There’s no fun thought experiments in the current environment. The lineup either gets it’s shit together on the off day, or we’re done. Nothing else matters. There’s no “8 IP, 1 ER allowed”...
  11. JMDurron

    The Game Goat Thread: Wk. 6 vs Dallas

    Speaking of the OL causing cascading failures across the rest of the roster, is there any reason to think that our lackluster TE performances thus far are similarly impacted? Are they helping out the incompetent OTs and not getting to run enough routes? Are they off the field more to get more...
  12. JMDurron

    At This Point in the Season, What Would You Consider a Success?

    It’s all house money at this point. The signature playoff walkoff moment is the cherry on top.
  13. JMDurron

    Pats Preseason: Catch-All Thread

    A willingness to take a one-year deal might also be a positive sign, at least in terms of Gilmore's own appraisal of his health and ability to perform. If things looked a little shakier, he might be more inclined to demand a multi-year extension instead. Betting on himself might be a good deal...
  14. JMDurron

    Bullpen '21

    For this particular team, with it's particular defense, it may very well be better to have a walk/strikeout heavy bullpen than a set of more high contact guys. I'm not sure how to assess the defense of players who rotate positions as often as Hernandez and Gonzalez do, but my "eye test" doesn't...
  15. JMDurron

    2020 NCAA Football

    I eagerly await Auburn's inevitable choice as the next average-to-above-average replacement coach. I hope whoever it is continues the "Lightning in a Bottle" tradition demonstrated within the first 2 seasons of his hiring by Chizik (2010) and Malzahn (2013).
  16. JMDurron

    Pre-Game Thread: Week 9 at NYJ

    This game feels like an opportunity for the offense to get healthy against the worst team in the league. If the 2nd half of last week (pre-fumble) wasn't a mirage, this could be the start of the "make things interesting" part of the season. Or, this could be Cam Newton's last stand.
  17. JMDurron

    The Game Goat Thread: Wk.7 vs 49ers

    I expected the occasional garbage game by the offense, even with all hands theoretically "on deck" (Cam's throws early on makes me wonder if he's physically right at the moment, but we knew this was a risk with that signing to begin with), but it's the total team failure to perform that...
  18. JMDurron

    2020 Pats: Belichick Breakdowns & Beatdowns

    This was great. Thanks for posting it. The video glosses over Gurley's injury impacting his ability to hit those smaller gaps as hard as he might have managed to otherwise, but it was a great schematic breakdown, IMO.
  19. JMDurron

    2020 Pats: Do the Patriots Make the Playoffs?

    In as a wild card. Will play like a division winner until Cam gets hurt. Then will fall to the WC and an early playoff exit.
  20. JMDurron

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    This season, it appears that the PS4 version of the MLB.TV app now disables the pause, rewind, and fast forward buttons during commercial breaks. So, those of us who sometimes pick up the game late and try to catch up need to be really precise about when/how we try to advance things. The app...