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  1. derekson

    AT&T doubling data packages?

    This isn't quite on topic, but I didn't really want to start a new thread. I randomly got a text from AT&T today saying they doubled my data allotment at no cost? Anyone know what the deal is with this? Just an attempt to keep people from defecting to lower cost carriers?
  2. derekson

    iPhone 6s and other Apple announcements today

    So far they've just talked about new variants of the watch.
  3. derekson

    Getting Mobile site with Safari

    Did something break with the site today? Both my Macbook and iPad are now loading the mobile site on Safari instead of the desktop site. Is anyone else having this issue?   edit: Bizarre, as soon as I hit the change them link at the bottom of the page on my Macbook it swapped to the desktop...