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  1. joyofsox

    Kevin Millar - Don't Let Him Hit Tonight! (St. Paul Saints)

    One last game for Cabin Mirror! (There are several related clips on the right-hand side of the YouTube page.)
  2. joyofsox

    NYDN: Roast Of Ortiz Was So Vulgar, NESN Can't Air It

    New York Daily News: "Shockingly, a David Oritz roast that featured jokes about race, religion, weight, masturbation and the late Aaron Hernandez, has been deemed too vulgar and profane to air on NESN. ... The network was scheduled to air the roast, which raised money for the David Ortiz...
  3. joyofsox

    Celebrating The 2004 Red Sox - New Books On The Shelf

    2014 marks the 10th anniversary of the 2004 Red Sox and there will be at least three books published this year celebrating that amazing team and unbelievable season. (Disclosure: I co-wrote one of them.)     Idiots Revisited: Catching Up With the Red Sox Who Won the 2004 World Series (Tilbury...