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  1. FL4WL3SS

    Thank you Clode!

    For all the hand wringing around here over the years, Claude ultimately solidified himself as the best coach in Bruins history and the man that helped bring a Stanley Cup to Boston for the first time in nearly 40 years. The 2011 season will be one of the best sports moments of my life. I'll be...
  2. FL4WL3SS

    Blount named AFC Offensive Player of the Month Suck it haterz!
  3. FL4WL3SS

    Home is where the heart is? FALSE

    Simple question: Why do the Bruins suck so badly at home? I have no theories, no ideas, no reasons. I'm at the point where I don't even want to watch a home game because they're maddening. On the road, they look like a top-3 team in the league, but are performing like a bottom-3 team at...
  4. FL4WL3SS

    SoSH PGA DraftKings Weekly Game

    I thought it would be fun to have a weekly DraftKings contest and gamble a little money with you all, so I'd like to gauge interest and get thoughts on buy-in and payouts. Since DraftKings will cancel a league if it doesn't fill up and in order to allow folks to not have to play every week, I...
  5. FL4WL3SS

    Habs and Habs not - team speed, the Bruins, and the breakout

    Last night's game solidified for me that the Bruins need a piece or two in order to go anywhere this season. They just don't have the speed to keep up with Montreal.   Julien needs to make some adjustments when he plays that team. His gameplan just isn't working.
  6. FL4WL3SS

    Is Kurt Warner a Hall of Famer?

    Elected as one of 18 finalists.   12 Yrs, 208 TD, 128 INT, 32,344 Yds, 93.7 QBR   1 Super Bowl, and single post-season records.    
  7. FL4WL3SS

    FBS National Championship Thread - tOSU v. Oregon

    Deserves its own thread. Oregon starting as 7 point favorites. Go Buckeyes!
  8. FL4WL3SS

    Don't want no mediocre, won't hit no mediocre

    Admittedly, I haven't watched but one game the last 2 weeks, but I've seen enough of this team over the first part of the season to have a pretty good gauge on their strengths and weaknesses.   A couple of things to consider: - Both Chara and Krejci have missed significant time - The defense is...
  9. FL4WL3SS

    2015 PGA Tour

    Well because the 2015 season already started.   In case you didn't already hate Patrick Reed enough. Here's more ammo:   His apology was piss-poor an insincere.
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    Is it time to start talking about how bad Brady has been? There are a few things working against him this season. Namely, the offensive line and the wide receivers, but we've seen Tom do more with less. Brady would have loved to have a guy like Gronk in 06. Brady seemingly has gotten old...
  11. FL4WL3SS

    Time wasting for Geeks (and Nerds)

    Besides SoSH and Social Media, where do you geek out during the day?    
  12. FL4WL3SS

    Pierre as Pens GM? Ummm.... What are the Pens thinking?