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  1. thehitcat

    2022 coaching carousel

    I'm not going to say it over there because that's supposed to be a safe space for their fans but the Dolphins firing Flores but keeping Grier is the best possible news for the Pats in division. So long as the other teams keep making shortsighted snap decisions they'll have to hit the lottery on...
  2. thehitcat

    Tompa Bay: Tom Tom Club

    Ha Goodell is telling everyone in Tampa to destroy their phones as we speak. That said I'd love to see an actual review of what happened here. Looks like some smoke from here, but maybe it's just me hoping...
  3. thehitcat

    2022 Tennis

    Hey @Conigliaro's Potential is this kind of in line with what Pam Shriver said recently that this year might be one of consolidation as everything changed for Emma overnight? Or is this from being an insider tennis guy and you know she's been out partying/missing training/whatever? I'm curious...
  4. thehitcat

    NFL: News and transactions

    Is that just to start a career? Or for people who have only coached one place?
  5. thehitcat

    Global Football Odds & Ends

    I went to a fight and a soccer game broke out... 5 reds at least?
  6. thehitcat

    AFC playoff chase 2021

    Yeah that's why the win in the '85 playoffs was so shocking. The Pats never won in Miami. It was Hammer v. Nail most of the time.
  7. thehitcat

    CFB 2021 Bowl SZN Week 2: Potato > Military

    How does Frisco, Texas get two bowls in a week? Is it some sort of hidden holiday destination?
  8. thehitcat

    CFB Week 14: Championship Week

    Honestly I would have been OK with them both stopping the play and assessing the offense an Unsportsmanlike Penalty complete with 15 yard walk off. That should put an end to these before they really get started.
  9. thehitcat

    Never Too Late: 2021 Michigan Football

    I just read that. Good for him. Understanding that everyone in that building is part of the reason for your success is more self aware than I think most of D1 coaches are.
  10. thehitcat

    Never Too Late: 2021 Michigan Football

    Wow that was fun. It’s great to be a Michigan Wolverine
  11. thehitcat

    2021/2022 Champions League: Not the Super League

    That's a helluva lineup for City. Is that a flat top 3?
  12. thehitcat

    Red Sox Offseason discussion

    Many thanks somehow I missed that news.
  13. thehitcat

    Red Sox Offseason discussion

    He was great when I saw him on my one trip to Worcester. One hit ball through 7. When was the injury because that was fairly late in the season (last week of August.)
  14. thehitcat

    The Game Ball Thread: Wk. 11 at Atlanta

    Um yeah and don't urban dictionary that which is the first thing that came up in my Google Search. Edit: And I thought he meant Hightower.
  15. thehitcat

    Pats: Injury news and updates

    Ferentz also resigned to the Practice Squad per the Transactions log of the team. That's good he's useful in a pinch.
  16. thehitcat

    CFB Coach Carousel

    Ah my bad I didn't see that. Thank you for the heads up.
  17. thehitcat

    CFB Coach Carousel

    How has Va Tech not fired their coach yet? You don't lose to BC and a 4th string QB and keep a job anymore do you?
  18. thehitcat

    11/4/21 at Miami

    Really strong defensive effort tonight. Miami didn't score more than 24 points in any quarter.
  19. thehitcat

    11/4/21 at Miami

    Could someone please talk to Aaron and Romeo and remind them that tonight we were trying NOT to put the ball in the basket? Sigh they really can't follow simple orders very well can they...