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  1. splendid splinter

    Tompa Bay: Tom Tom Club

    The Burfict hit was in January of 2016, so the last 4 incidents on that list all took place well after that (looks like 2018 or later).
  2. splendid splinter

    Jaguars fire Urban Meyer

    I don’t know, it could be seen as Meyer assaulting a player. That might have been the kind of contractual “out” that Khan felt would let him shitcan Urban and not pay him another dime.
  3. splendid splinter

    Ken Rosenthal's stupid idea

    Certainly faster, although I don’t know how long your typical Atlantic League game takes. But 10 walks (probably the most boring outcome in baseball) and 8 guys who fouled out (probably the most disappointing outcome)? I’m not sure people would find that kind of game enjoyable.
  4. splendid splinter

    ReVax! Aaron Rodgers caught the Covid!

    No, the NFL amended their rules on that. Now only inactive unvaccinated players are required to wear masks on the sidelines.
  5. splendid splinter

    The Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones Thread

    Did he provide an example of a negative play by Jones that you could share? I'm curious as to what his definition of a negative play is.
  6. splendid splinter

    New NFL TV Deal

    I wonder what that means if you try to watch the Pats from an out-of-market location, using an account that's in-market? Last year we were able to watch all the Pats games at home down here in SC using YouTube TV because I had my BiL create an account up in WMass. So when we logged in it gave...
  7. splendid splinter

    The Game Goat Thread: Wk. 1 vs Miami

    I will third this. He committed two cardinal sins on that play. Don't put the ball on the turf, regardless of whether you're down or not (because you give the refs a chance to screw you). And don't assume the refs are going to give you the ball even if you know you were down, go after it so...
  8. splendid splinter

    ESPN Is Pathetic

    IMG played them last season and beat them 56-6, so it would seem they knew what caliber of opponent they were.
  9. splendid splinter

    The Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones Thread

    Sorry, I was inelegantly agreeing with you, Mac is a superior QB to guys like McElroy and McCarron (unless I misread your point.) As I recall Saban realized a few years ago that the old school ground and pound and stout defense formula he’d won so much with wasn’t going to work against the more...
  10. splendid splinter

    The Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones Thread

    The problem with comparing him to McCarron or McElroy is that those QBs date from a completely different approach to team-building and offense for Saban. Back then he wanted to rely on defense and the running game, and he wanted good game manager QBs. Eventually he adapted to the new wide-open...
  11. splendid splinter

    The Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones Thread

    Dartmouth does it as well.
  12. splendid splinter

    Pats Draft Rd.4/120: RB Rhamondre Stevenson

    Can catch it out of the backfield and the best pass protecting back in the draft, per NFLN.
  13. splendid splinter

    NFL Draft Rd.2-3: Discussions, Rumors & Spoilers Gamethread

    That’s a great pick for 2023. Trask is so slow it’ll take him 2 years to pack up his apartment in Gainesville.
  14. splendid splinter

    Apple rumored to stop using Intel chips by 2020

    True, but they built in something for everyone else. When the Air Tag is away from its phone for a certain amount of time it starts beeping. Right now that’s set at 3 days but they could shorten that with a software update. So if someone drops one on you, or in your car or whatever...
  15. splendid splinter

    Pats QB Options

    I’ve wondered since it was reported that Winston had LASIK in Feb 2020 - how much of his INT issue can be attributed to not seeing well? Were some of them just him not clearly seeing how much separation his receiver did or didn’t have, or not being able to put the ball where it needed to go...
  16. splendid splinter

    Pats QB Options

    I don’t know that I’d want Cam back again, but how many of his issues do people think are “fixable”? Because I don’t think they had an opportunity to address those last season. Coming in cold, with limited camps and no preseason, I assume the emphasis with him was 100% on installing the...
  17. splendid splinter

    The Game Goat Thread: Wk.11 at Houston

    McDaniels and Cam. The endless parade of toss sweep running plays is on Josh. The constant screen/dump-off passes in the first half is on one or the other or both, I can’t tell. When they threw downfield they were able to move the ball. I don’t know why they got away from that so much until...
  18. splendid splinter

    2020 Pats: Cam Tests Positive

    That is one hell of a good job of mimicking the opposing QB.
  19. splendid splinter

    Gone Brady Gone

    I can see how Brady might have become frustrated with a coach/GM whose personnel decisions are all about keeping the team competitive for the next five years. For most of his career that was fine, and aligned with his interests. Now his window is closing, and BB is still thinking five years...
  20. splendid splinter

    2020 Pats: You Cam Go Your Own Way

    Cam uses that font (I assume it’s a font?) in all his tweets.