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    Offseason Rumors/News

    I know there's been a lot of talk about the Fournier TPE but I've seen some talk of the Knicks stapling FRPs to contracts. What about Reddish and a FRP into the Hernangomez TPE?
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    Celtics Offseason Primer

    IRT using the Fournier TPE and then stapling to Nesmith and Theis, someone with better CBA chops can correct me if wrong, but I believe it is allowable if you wait 30 days after using the TPE and they can bring back up to 125% of salary going out. Which means they could theoretically bring back...
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    Celtics Offseason Primer

    I asked this earlier but am curious, does anyone think they will use the Fournier TPE and then wait 30 days and staple Nesmith and Theis (for example) to that player bring in someone more substantial (who, I have no idea)?
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    2022 NBA Draft: The Life of Paolo

    I came to ask about a couple of guys but saw there was already a discussion on Barlow so I'll ask about the other. What do you guys think about Alondes Williams as a potential young PG?
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    Celtics Offseason Primer

    I think there are a bunch of boxes to check off this offseason and maybe they try to check multiple boxes with 1 player. They need in my uninformed opinion: secondary scoring, another wing, a playmaking pg, a 3rd big upgrade that could be playable in the playoffs, and filling in the pipeline...
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    NBA Finals Game 6--Resiliency

    There may be a long list of places to put blame but the reserves (and AL) being nonexistent on offense since game 1 has to be near the top of the list.
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    Mentality Heading into Game 6

    I voted get it done but ugly. What a strange series where every game, the losing team probably thinks they should've/could've won and lost by at least double digits
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    6/13 Finals Game 5 @ GSW

    The real question is who we get on Thursday. If we get zarba/foster then we'll see everyone Sunday night. If not the league might be OK with tonight's winner taking it in 6.
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    Mentality Heading into Game 5

    I'm confused about how to feel, they have been really good on the road but the Warriors have been equally as good at home. The last two games have been reffed relatively evenly (compared to what they could've been), does GS get a little home whistle? But what is most frustrating to me is that...
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    5 vs 8: Where we discuss the quality (or lack thereof) of NBA Playoff Officiating

    I get what you're saying. Why not give them a second one if they win the first, but not if they lose? I still don't understand the timeout part of it, shouldn't be losing the chance to challenge again be enough?
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    5 vs 8: Where we discuss the quality (or lack thereof) of NBA Playoff Officiating

    One question I have about the replay system is why teams get punished no matter what (IMO). If you win you still lose the ability to challenge. If you lose, you lose a timeout on top of that. Seems overly harsh when looking at subjective things.
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    6/10--NBA Finals G4, Golden State @ Celtics

    Wilt the Warriors so much so that the whistles won't help. Be aggressive Be fearless Bring home the W
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    Conference Finals

    Please send any available goaltender to Edmonton. Signed Disgruntled oiler fans But seriously this summer looks like let Kane go and get a keeper or keep Kane and go cheap between the pipes.
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    Conference Finals

    As an Oilers fan, It's just so incredibly frustrating. They finally got 97 and 29 some help to balance out the offense but thought the goaltending was good enough (I've never been a fan of the Smith/Koskinen duo). It's even more painful when the guy I wanted in the offseason is on the other side...
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    5/29--Game 7, Celts at Heat

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    5/27 Heat@Celtics- ECF Game 6

    The Jays were the reason they were in the game (despite the 2 missed FTs). They need to be the alphas tomorrow and if needed go Keyshawn on Smart and say "give me the damn ball", let things run through them with the same aggression which should open up things for others. They need good Marcus...
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    Celtics vs. Heat, Round 3 Discussion

    Out of all the things that frustrated me last night, the turnovers were the biggest. It wasn't just the turnovers, it was the unforced turnovers. How many times did they try to make the impossible pass instead of the next pass? The good shots from making the right pass, and not trying to skip it...
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    5/7/2022 Celtics @ Bucks (Watertown Rolls In)

    Giannis should just go play TE for the Packers, it's clearly what he wants to do anyway. I hate this league
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    4/17/2022 - Celtics vs Nets: Uncle Drew Subtweeting from KD's Burner Account

    I believe he asked the gentleman to go down on him
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    2022 Fits

    I'm not sure if this is the right place but I just watched an interesting discussion about what having Groh being from the college scouting side in charge of the draft this year vs. Ziegler being from the pro side in charge of last year's draft and what that might mean in terms of changes (if...