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    Washington Football Team is now the Washington Commanders

    Does the fact that a professional wrote it for him even matter? Rivera was willing to put his name to this sentiment--that's what matters.
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    Pearl Jammin' with Grandpa, the Bill Simmons Thread

    I enjoyed the Simmons-KOC part of the pod, but when he had his daughter on the podcast to explain Stranger Things season 4, well that was rough. She kept saying that Hopper was in a Russian prison camp in Alaska and I finally had to turn it off.
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    Manny Ramirez Jr, D’Angelo Ortiz and Jaden Sheffield playing together on the Brockton Rox

    They are:
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    Should the 5-inning rule for starting pitchers to earn the win be altered?

    I believe it is not a case of "almost never" choosing the starter, but instead the starter is ineligible for the win if he goes less than 5 innings. See, I think if they decision is in the hands of the scorer, they should have the leeway to pick the starter if they want.
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    Should the 5-inning rule for starting pitchers to earn the win be altered?

    So I have been thinking about the ways the MLB has changed over the years, and the tendency to pull starting pitchers before 5 innings is so much more commonplace these days, and when they do get pulled, they are ineligible to be the winning pitcher. Take for example, the May 20th Red...
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    Sports Cards Mania

    Normally I don't buy Panini, but at my card shop today I bought a hobby box of Donruss for $109, and it had 2 autos (one numbered to 25), a memorabilia card, and 17 numbered cards (sure most were to 2022, but I still love pulling serial numbered cards)--including a Tatis Marvels to 99, a Vlad...
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    Big Baby Davis

    It's a Big Baby kind of week!
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    Brockton Rox 2022

    While I know the Rox are not exactly minor league baseball, I thought this was the best location for this thread. A friend of mine texted me yesterday this his son is playing for the Rox this summer and that he had just met a teammate Manny Ramirez Jr. It turns out the sons of David Ortiz and...
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    Pats 2022 draft class

    I love that as he states in the writeup. the Patriots were his lowest-rated class, and yet they got a C+. What a lenient teacher!
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    Sports Cards Mania

    Yep. Bought 1 pack the other day when getting gas and it had a 1987-style Manny Machado jersey card. Thinking about quitting while I'm ahead.
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    Sports Cards Mania

    Yeah, my old 1977, 1978, and 1979 Topps sets are short of Yankee cards for some unknown reason...
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    Red Sox in season discussion

    As someone who spent multiple days in the hospital with a Tachycardia after getting COVID in August 2020 (AKA pre-vaccine), a condition that reappeared in May and now has me on multiple maintenance meds daily, I really have a lot of trouble with the "vaccine is bad for your heart" takes.
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    NBA 2022 Year-end awards

    Who are the two people that don't have Tatum on any of the three all NBA teams? That's insane.
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    Horrifying article about a Penn State rapist

    Agree 100%. I actually teared up a couple of times--during the Irv Pankey section and the burning of the mother's journal. This longform journalism is getting rarer these days and that is one of the long-term damaging effects of the corporatization and minimalization of media in the past decade...
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    Horrifying article about a Penn State rapist

    Not Sandusky, another one...
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    Celtics vs. Nets, Round 1 Discussion

    I want the Cavs, but then again, I want the Nets to lose the 8-seed play-in game to the Hawks and for them to miss the play-offs entirely. Then we can have six weeks of an excuse off between the Nets and Lakers for not making the actual postseason.
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    Sports Cards Mania

    I'd be in
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    Sports Cards Mania

    It's worse than that. They still are going to Panini on a multi-year deal, with the first Panini set due out this week (co-released with WrestleMania this weekend). But WWE and Fanatics announced this week that Fanatics will be taking the card license after the Panini deal finishes. So WWE...
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    Sports Cards Mania

    What year? You probably could get 50-100 on eBay
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    Pearl Jammin' with Grandpa, the Bill Simmons Thread

    Sorry guys, but I am fairly certain a multi-millionaire who has lived in LA for almost two decades has a much better handle on the pulse of Boston sports media than anyone posting here.