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  1. allstonite

    Start of Holiday Fixtures 12/21-12/23 Gamethread

    Wolves-LFC kicks off at 3pm to start the stacked holiday schedule and, more importantly, my holiday weekend as I'll move in front of the tv for my last few hours working from home. The Guardian finished their top 100 players in the world. Just skimming through it earlier it seems like there...
  2. allstonite

    12/8-12/9 game thread

    NBC doing a fan fest in NYC this week and they probably should have done it in August or May. They’re in a warehouse and it’s bizarre. Liverpool-Bournemouth kicks off the early game and LFC fields a strong lineup even with Napoli midweek. Milner gets the start at RB
  3. allstonite

    Rethinking Barstool?

    I've been thinking about starting a thread like this for a while and this quote from Dummy Hoy in the Bruins gamethread reminded me. I think Portnoy is kind of brilliant but mostly agree with DH in that I can't stand him at all. He capitalized on fratbro humor and made himself a lot of money...
  4. allstonite

    Attending a Revs Game

    Sorry if this should be somewhere else but I could't find anything when I searched. I'm going to my first Revs game this Saturday night vs. NYCFC. We are staying at a hotel along Route 1.   -We were planning on getting there early and tailgating. Are the rules the same as Patriots games? Do a...