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    Psssssssst 2022

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    Fournier to Celtics (old thread bumped) a moron. Sorry.
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    Fournier to Celtics (old thread bumped)

    Sorry. Good point. I just was looking for any Fournier-specific thread. Mods, feel free to delete my comment and "un-bump" - or change the title, whatever you wish.
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    Fournier to Celtics (old thread bumped)

    Unlikely this pans out but worth watching? Would certainly be a unique way to use the TPE View...
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    Patriots are bringing back the Pat Patriot uniform/helmet

    I’ve always wanted the old color scheme but with Elvis.
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    I don't know if he will leave Washington. I don't know if Boston is the place he would go if he does (probably isn't). But I believe he is worth a thread. View:
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    Carry on my Hayward Son: Gordon to Charlotte for 4 years, $120M

    Charlotte wants out View:
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    Rob Gronkowski retires (for the second time)

    I don't care that much but it IS weird he spent like 300 words on the Bucs and zero on the Pats
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    Psssssssst 2022

    Yanks Cole no no through 6
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    Boston sports teams popularity ranking.

    Agree on this. The Bruins are a distant 4th in my world, but I agree among die hard fans they are much higher. For me, its 1- Patriots 2- Red Sox 3- Celtics 4- Bruins
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    Thoughts on Yankees’ 2022 Season

    Yankees are having an amazing season. I fully expect some minor reversion to the mean, but they are a 100-105 win team that will likely get better at the deadline. If they stay healthy, they are going to be extremely hard to beat.
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    2023 Army-Navy game will be at Gillette Stadium

    Is it possible i am the only one who doesn’t care about this game? I don’t think I’ve watched a snap of the series in my lifetime .
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    Video Shows Delonte West Being Assaulted on the DC streets

    Sorry for the 2 year bump but apparently he is back on the streets and doing poorly :( View:
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    NFL: News and transactions

    Seriously. Do the Rams print money? When the Pats were in their mid dynasty years, they still werent able to just pick every star up and pay them all big money. I dont get this at all.
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    Angels fire Joe Maddon

    That spat with the reporter yesterday must have been the last straw
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    Build my new PC

    I just this week bought my son a new machine. He is going off to college and we wanted something that would last for at least the 4 years, and would also work for his major which is Sustainable Architecture and Building Design, so wanted to get a 2 in 1. I did a bunch of research and all in, I...
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    Celtics hire Ime Udoka as HC

    What is Udoka not doing at halftime that Kerr is? I like Ime but it’s a massive hole in his coaching how poorly the team comes out in the 3rd nearly every game