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  1. nocode51

    Tompa Bay: Tom Tom club

    Absolutely nothing to substantiate this but I wonder if Brady looks back at Hernandez and thinks he saw the situation was bad news and didn't do anything about it. He obviously wants to play with Brown for his own benefit but he also seems to have tried hard to help him just for the sake of...
  2. nocode51

    12/25 at MIL

    Romeo scoring 5 points early and then being in foul trouble all game has hurt. We need a big quarter from him to pull it out I think.
  3. nocode51

    Goodbye Gruden and ongoing Snyder investigation discussion

    Ouch. We played and mostly lost against them a bunch in the early 2000's, the team always seemed to echo his classy and professional behavior. When we actually pulled a tie off against them he was congratulatory and would always give me some tips on how he thought we should adjust things...
  4. nocode51

    Goodbye Gruden and ongoing Snyder investigation discussion

    Was Gardner the coach that far back? I coached against him and I would be shocked if he let that kind of thing go on.
  5. nocode51

    Goodbye Gruden and ongoing Snyder investigation discussion

    Lord of the Flies definitely captured the darkness tweens-teens are capable of. When incidents of hazing have popped up at my school it hasn't been tradition, it's more like a seed is planted by some adult (parent, coach, uncle) and the culture/atmosphere/leadership hasn't been strong enough to...
  6. nocode51

    Goodbye Gruden and ongoing Snyder investigation discussion

    I'm sure I have students in my class every year who don't learn that term because there is a lot of history. I talk about it but I focus more on the big idea, so people pick up those kinds of details or they don't. I think sometimes people use some specific event or term as a "gotcha" like "WHY...
  7. nocode51

    Goodbye Gruden and ongoing Snyder investigation discussion

    Did you learn about poll taxes, or even just the general idea that the southern states used laws to disenfranchise Black voters after reconstruction? If so then not learning that one technique isn't really a big deal (you can only teach so much history) but if you never learned about the whole...
  8. nocode51

    Goodbye Gruden and ongoing Snyder investigation discussion

    The grandma example makes me think of something else. So my dad had Alzheimer's and the last few years I would take him out to breakfast and to be around people every Sunday (he was an extreme extrovert.) He was a very progressive guy for his time but understandable was not really aware I'd...
  9. nocode51

    Goodbye Gruden and ongoing Snyder investigation discussion

    I played a lot of paper football in English class, but I can say at the public high school I graduated from in 95, and have taught at since 2000 every history teacher teaches about this during reconstruction. We also have always taught about the truth or Columbus, so even though I know it's true...
  10. nocode51

    Ties, ties, everywhere are ties?

    So I searched but can't find it, what would they do if there was a FIVE way tie for the wildcard?
  11. nocode51

    9/12/21 Squish the Fish

    Youtube tv is way behind, I just hit refresh and wait a minute before I read the posts since I know I am behind.
  12. nocode51

    NFL Predictions Thread

    AFC East: #2 New England 12-5 AFC North: #3 Baltimore 11-6 AFC South: #4 Tennessee 11-6 AFC West: #1 Kansas City 14-3 Wild Cards: Buffalo, Chargers, Browns AFC Championship Game: Chiefs vs.Pats NFC East: #4 WFT 9-8 NFC North: #2 Green Bay 12-5 NFC South: #1 Tampa Bay 13-4 NFC West: #3 Seattle...
  13. nocode51

    MLB Marketing (add it to the game-ruining list)

    Oh those will definitely get sold and worn.... by kids whose mom's have to do their back to school shopping at the JC Penney discount racks. There may even be people who end up owning one of each for the low low price of 4.99.
  14. nocode51

    2021 All-Star Game Rosters

    Oh right, that makes sense. It was bugging me that it wasn't being mentioned when I read about it, thanks.
  15. nocode51

    2021 All-Star Game Rosters

    So Ohtani is picked as a hitter and a pitcher.... but how does that work? If they let him hit they would lose the DH correct? Do they make an exception for him? Am I just missing something about the rule?
  16. nocode51

    Ongoing COVID-19 Impact

    Even better would be like how the NHL signs a local goalie to fill in from the city. Some college quarterback who washed out of training camp five years ago, and they just give him a small game check. Obviously this is a terrible strategy, but it would be high level entertainment.
  17. nocode51

    Week 14 Gamethread

    So I found this, it's basically the betting line that is thrown in. "The main elements are the [betting] line, the down and distance, and the time of the game. "
  18. nocode51

    Week 14 Gamethread

    Well it also takes into account the teams going in somehow because if one team is favored they will continue to be favored even if they fall behind early. So there is something else in the formula, but I'm not sure how they calculate that..... to the internet!
  19. nocode51

    Week 14 Gamethread

    I have a question about ESPN's win probability thing. Does anyone know if it calculates things differently depending on how high scoring the game is? In other words is a 10-7 lead in the 4th the same as a 45-42 lead? I don't know how accurate it is, but I always end up watching it obsessively...
  20. nocode51

    2019 NFL: News & Transactions

    That's quite the signing bonus.....