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  1. Monbonthbump

    Rich Hill ?

    I saw on Facebook that he signed with the Red Sox but it is not on MLB or the Red Sox site. Is this "fake news"?
  2. Monbonthbump

    Gene Conley

    I thought the passing of Gene Conley at least merited a mention on SOSH. He was definitely one of the best two way athletes of all time and played for both the Celtics and Red Sox with distinction. He was the ace of the staff consisting of Monbo, Ike Delock, and Earl Wilson in 1962. He was also...
  3. Monbonthbump

    Is it time to digitalize the strike zone.

    I'm sure some sort of computerized system could be figured out which would give a more accurate approximation of the "strike zone" than adjusting to each individual umpire for every game. Would this detract too much from the human element of the game we all have grown up with, or would it be...
  4. Monbonthbump

    Frank Sullivan R.I.P.

    R.I.P. Big Frank. I loved the year when he and Tom Brewer were the aces. First Malzone and now Sullivan. All of these guys a decade older than myself are leaving. It means that I am losing another tiny piece of myself.