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  1. Nomar813

    6/10--NBA Finals G4, Golden State @ Celtics

    Jaylen's a goddamn wizard.
  2. Nomar813

    6/5—NBA Finals, Game 2, Celts at Warriors

    That ball terrified of perjury charges.
  3. Nomar813

    Game 7 vs. Milwaukee: The Knockout Punch

    Somewhere Nikola Mirotic just flinched.
  4. Nomar813

    Game 6 at Milwaukee: Resiliency

    Breen seems to be under the impression that they use different whistles for fouls and timeouts.
  5. Nomar813

    5/9/2022 Celtics @ Bucks: Deer Hunter Classic

    MVP chants for James Capers, I assume.
  6. Nomar813

    3/11 DET

    Looks like Antoine did a pretty good job swallowing all of his debts.
  7. Nomar813

    2/8 - Watertown Drinking Club @ Nets

    This game has reached a full George Takei in record time.
  8. Nomar813

    Not today (also now known as today) @ Sixers

    Well, that's one way to avoid blowing a big fourth quarter lead.
  9. Nomar813

    10/24/21 at Houston

    I get it now. The solution to running out of those sweet high Nets picks was to make some of our own.
  10. Nomar813

    10/22--Home opener vs. Raptors

    Appreciate it if they don't kill Time Lord in the first week.
  11. Nomar813

    10/20/21: at Knickerbockers

    I need all of the incredulous celeb shots bottled and sold at local retailers.
  12. Nomar813

    10/20/21: at Knickerbockers

    COVID Jaylen >>>> Jordan flu/poison pizza.
  13. Nomar813

    10/20/21: at Knickerbockers

    Shortest offseason ever, still too long to wait.
  14. Nomar813

    Preseason No. 2 (10/9/21) vs. Raptors

    They said 10 days on the broadcast.
  15. Nomar813

    Red Sox Silver Sluggers: Betts, Martinez, Martinez

    I'm Mookie. This is my brother JD, and this is my other brother JD.
  16. Nomar813

    Game 7- Rake and Burn the Leafs

  17. Nomar813

    Game 7- Rake and Burn the Leafs

    Fuckin right
  18. Nomar813

    Game 7- Rake and Burn the Leafs

    Get it right the fuck back.
  19. Nomar813

    11/4 - Capitals @ Bruins

    Truly impossible not to read this in his voice and marvel.
  20. Nomar813

    10/19 - Canucks @ Bruins

    Hot damn.