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  1. CoolPapaLaSchelle

    5/29--Game 7, Celts at Heat

    He’s saving his energy for the duck boats
  2. CoolPapaLaSchelle

    OK, I am going to ask the question: Has BB lost his fastball?

    If I wanted to give a young coach like Nick Caley cover to get acclimated as a first-time playcaller, deploying amorphous titles and giving full visibility to two former HCs who are used to media attention/serving as lightning rods would make a good deal of sense. And maybe it would be a sign...
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    RIP Guy Lafleur

    An amazing player who repeatedly had our number in the 70s. I always thought it was pretty cool that he retired, made the Hall of Fame, and then came back to play again. Certainly not the same player, but he acquitted himself well with both the Rangers and the Nordiques. IIRC, Jim Palmer try...
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    2022 Patriots free agency period

    Cue the grumbling on the Blinded by the Bowl Cut gamethreads when they repeatedly hand it off to Bolden on 3rd and 5 next year.
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    AFC playoff chase 2021

    Probably belongs in the "Celebrating What Is" thread, but whenever I pop in here (or the Mac thread, for that matter), I am amazed that, less than a year after watching Cam consistently terrorize gophers, we are talking about (a) our playoff seeding, and (b) whether our rookie QB is elite or...
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    The Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones Thread

    So, I have a buddy who is a huge Lions fan. For his birthday a few years back, I had John Clayton do a Cameo rating the top 5 Lions QBs of the Super Bowl era. It is...bleak. Trigger warning - the name Charlie Batch gets mentioned.
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    11/14 - Browns at Patriots: Hello Cleveland!

    And Belichick's hair at :09 may give some indication that Steve views dad as his role model in more ways than one.
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    Your top "forgot he was a Red Sox"

    Funnily enough, he is actually someone my family quotes all the time. Anyone else remember “I ain’t got my taco!”?
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    Your top "forgot he was a Red Sox"

    Mike Stanton for me. He was so dominant as the Yankee LOOGY in the late 90s, but he actually pitched for the Sox both before and after that stretch. The 2005 tour is noteworthy. We traded for him the last weekend of the season to face the Yankees. IIRC, we ended up tied with them and lost...
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    Your top “almost-a-Red-Sox”

    At the height of the Margo Adams story, I remember Bob Lobel reporting the Sox were going to pick from a list of Braves pitchers in exchange for Wade Boggs. IIRC, it was Smoltz, Avery, Mercker, and Glavine. The irony, of course, is that the first three eventually did end up here, well after...
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    Vrabel and Julio Down by the Schoolyard: Titans Get Jones

    The Harry rabbit hole is a fascinating diversion, but I am sure I am not the only one who thinks it would be great to get back to what should be the pressing topic of the thread - Was it just bad injury luck that made Hart Lee Dykes a bust?
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    Vrabel and Julio Down by the Schoolyard: Titans Get Jones

    I caught the tail end of Bill Polian on NFL radio. The salinity of his tears has not diminished over the years. He started by excoriating Michael Holley's report that Jones was intrigued by playing for the Pats. He said Holley didn't know anything and had zero knowledge of what Julio wanted or...
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    The Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones Thread

    Definitely fodder for another thread and not wanting to take away from the "Is he Brees or Peterman?" debate, but after seeing the Mac pics, my mind wandered to least athletic looking Boston players in my lifetime. Names that popped up immediately were Booby Jenks, George Scott (the 70s...
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    Pats QB Options

    Is there a world in which the Niners trade for Teddy B as a lower cost seat warmer while their rookie gets acclimated? I’m far from a capologist, but couldn’t they save a fair amount this way? The acquisition cost would be close to nil, though they may view the upside of having someone with...
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    2021 NFL Prospect Talk...Because It's Never Too Early

    Whenever I see RAS my mind goes immediately to Ras-I Dowling. I have to assume a prospect's RASI and RAS scores form a perfect negative correlation.
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    Thank you, Petey: Dustin Pedroia announces his retirement

    Heck, he deserved a thank you thread just for telling Bobby V. to STFU back in 2012: View:
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    Possible Pats Coaching Changes

    Mayo getting hired as a head coach would be a windfall for the Pats. A compensatory third round pick in the next two drafts, as per new NFL policy.
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    If the season gets to September 1, the Red Sox luxury tax resets

    I suspect you somehow now owe Jim Irsay royalties.
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    What Info Do You Wish You Could Get Out of Belichick?

    I know he has touched on this a bit, but I am fascinated by his decision not to call a timeout with the Seahawks on the goal line. It seemed crazy to me at the time. It strikes me that his decision making in that moment was the perfect nexus of his experience and his intuition, both of which are...