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    2018-2019 NC Hoops

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    iPhone deleted all text chains (related to iPad activation?)

    I had an old iPad laying around that I restored to new and then set up / signed in with my Apple account / linked to iTunes etc. Used it to send some texts, no problem. At some point it asked if I wanted to share text messages between my iPhone and iPad, so i said sure, it sent my iPhone some...
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    NCAA bball general thread

    Ben Simmons of LSU passing TWICE on the final possession down 1 was embarrassing.
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    Portable cell phone charger

    Looking for a portable cell phone charger - one of those standalone battery packs you charge up and then carry around in case you need to charge up your phone if it's running low and you're on the move/not near a charger. Saw this on Amazon from a quick search, looks decent, but I suspect there...
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    Thin laptop PC

    I'm looking for a thin/light PC laptop to travel/work with (not an Apple).  Doesn't need to be amazing high performance, mainly will be remote accessing work systems through Internet Explorer.  I've seen some Lenovos that rotate into tablets with touchscreens, which seems kind of cool, but...
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    Upload photo straight from iPhone to digital picture frame, from anywhere

    There has got to be a way to do the following:   1. Take a picture on your iPhone (using either native app or some other app) 2. Immediately send that photo off to an account in the cloud/with some web-based hosting service, straight from your phone (via either wifi or cell signal - ideally...
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    Get lucky in Indy: '14-'15 NCAA Men's Basketball

      Per ESPN.  Gonna be a season of fresh faces.     However, pre-season top 10 is blue blood:   1. Kentucky 2. Arizona 3. Wisconsin 4. Duke 5. Kansas 6. University of No Classes 7. Florida 8. Louisville 9. Virginia 10. Texas   In the completely random trivia department, the other time the Final...
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    iPhone audio doesn't work on calls only

    When making or receiving a phone call on iPhone5, I can't hear any audio (out of ear speaker or when on speakerphone mode), and the person on the other end can't hear me.  However, the phone rings on an incoming call, plays music fine so don't think it's a hardware problem?  (Is there any way to...
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    DukeSox Likes Rick Reilly a few mildly amusing digs in there