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  1. LoweTek

    Cord Already Cut - Which/How Many Streaming Subs Do You Have and Why?

    I thought this topic was specific enough to separate it from the general cord cutting thread. Without getting too specific, I find myself with too many subs costing too much money and I've come full circle to where I am paying as much or more as I did for cable or satellite. Thankfully, MLB TV...
  2. LoweTek

    Bill Russell Pens Editorial About Mentoring Kids

    As someone who coaches kids with some passion, I found this piece touching. I love Bill Russell. Like Orr, he's one of those guys I always wanted to meet. Apparently he is receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the upcoming ESPYs. He wrote this Globe editorial today. Adult-youth mentorships...
  3. LoweTek

    THAT Parent

    Last week, two games left in the schedule, 10U Fall Rec baseball. Parent approaches me, saying "I don't want to be THAT parent but..." and tells me his kid is bored out of his mind playing the outfield and he wants me to let him play 1B or 3B, essentially being exactly THAT parent. I told him I...
  4. LoweTek

    Former Red Sox Catcher Jerry Moses, 71

    Details are sketchy at this time but former Red Sox catcher Jerry Moses passed away yesterday. Jerry was a 1964 Red Sox Bonus Baby from Yazoo, MS who made the 1970 All-Star team and was part of the trade sending Tony C. to the Angels. He was a cog in the late sixties post Impossible Dream teams...
  5. LoweTek

    Let's Talk a Little About Competitive Balance in Youth Baseball

    It's going to be difficult to make this description brief but I'll try. This is 10U rec league. For years the league has been trying to address the competitive balance issue brought on by manager's and coach's kids. A Manager automatically gets his kid on his team and his Coach's kid on his...
  6. LoweTek

    Luis Tiant on Modern Era HoF Ballot

    Along with Steve Garvey, Tommy John, Don Mattingly, Marvin Miller, Jack Morris, Dale Murphy, Dave Parker, Ted Simmons and Alan Trammell, old friend Luis Tiant appears on the ballot to be voted on by the 16 member Modern Era Committee on December 10 at the Winter Meetings. Luis would have to get...
  7. LoweTek

    Youth Baseball Practice Approaches

    We've already started here in Florida. We're two games into the schedule already. My team this year is 10U, Babe Ruth 9-10 year olds. I know different coaches have different approaches for practices. We have one practice a week on the field and one in the batting cages. Especially this time of...
  8. LoweTek

    Unusual plays, Calls or Rulings

    I'm curious to share stories about odd plays, calls, rule interpretations, etc. I'm coaching a 12U Fall team and it seems there have been more unusual things happening on the field than in other age divisions I have coached. Runner on first, one out. Fly ball to short right center is caught on...
  9. LoweTek

    Getting Logged Off and Page Not Found

    Anyone else getting this? I'm getting logged out just by clicking to another forum. Getting Page Not Found and having to refresh multiple times to get the display. It seems to be happening randomly since yesterday. Anyone else? Anything I can do about it?
  10. LoweTek

    Your Computer May Be Infected! Call 1-866...

    Originally put this in Spyware but got no traction. I have a Win7 computer which is getting the 'System Support IT' pop-ups. (You may be infected, call this toll free number, etc.) All my go to actions to eradicate this thing have had no success. Reading a removal instruction at a site called...
  11. LoweTek

    Quote Post - Copy and Paste Issue

    I use Internet Explorer 11. Is there some setting I need to change for these functions to work correctly? Neither the Quote Post button or simple copy-paste into a post editing box are working for me. It's been a month or so since this started happening. I have made no change to IE settings.  ...
  12. LoweTek

    Red Sox Apply 'Big Data' Analytics To Marketing

    I thought some of the data/stat people would be interested in this. Short article ref. Red Sox use of data analytics in the pursuit of our dollars.
  13. LoweTek

    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    I am undertaking research of the pros and cons of combining an over the air TV antenna, Netflix and high speed internet to replace subscription TV service. I currently have DirecTV. Because of their tiering restrictions, add-on fees, etc. I have to pay silly money for the dozen or so channels I...