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  1. TheRealness

    Bruins @ Pens

    Thirsty for a win Thursday.
  2. TheRealness

    Bruins @ Blues

    Tuesday night hockey can be fun.
  3. TheRealness

    Bruins v. Pens

    Time for a little afternoon delight.
  4. TheRealness

    Bruins @ Flyers

    Marchand Aggressive DeBrusk Defense Defense Defense This is the sway
  5. TheRealness

    Bruins v. Stars

    Marchand-Bergeron-Pasta Taylor Hall is a Boston Bruin Charlie is re-signed A real third line A new season A new hope This is the Sway
  6. TheRealness

    2021 Preseason

    View: Game on NHL Network. Puck drop at 5pm. Edit: Not on ESPN+ that I can see.
  7. TheRealness

    Bruins trade 3rd Round Pick for Mike Reilly

    He has had positive possession numbers the last four years, and this year has started in the defensive zone almost 60% of this starts, which is a marked departure from his previous years. He’s a good pivot for the 2nd PP, but won’t likely score much. Good depth for the back line on the left side...
  8. TheRealness

    4/10 - Bruins @ Flyers

    I am definitely swayed by the recent goaltending play. It’s gotta be driving opposing teams swazy. Let’s sway all the right things, sweigh our options before the deadline, and keep Swinnin. :fonz:
  9. TheRealness

    4/8 Bruins @ Capitals

    It’s a good day for a hockey game. I am celebrating by downloading the new personal 5G hardware via the new fangled injection technology this morning. Looking forward to streaming this one from my own personal internet signal.
  10. TheRealness

    4/6 Bruins @ Flyers

    I liked it better when the Bruins scored 7 goals. Let’s do that again.
  11. TheRealness

    4/5 - Bruins v. Flyers

    I enjoyed the last one. Let’s carry on with some of that Kelly Green mojo against Philly.
  12. TheRealness

    4/3 - Bruins v. Penguins (The Return)

    Over a year ago on February 22nd I was combing through my father's closet. It was a day after his death, and my Step-Mom was asking me what I wanted to bring back. I knew immediately what I wanted. It was only really one thing. I looked everywhere for it, behind his hats, in his drawers, through...
  13. TheRealness

    Bruins @ Rags

    Let’s not give up 5 unanswered goals again, eh?
  14. TheRealness

    Bruins v Caps

    Bruins are full voltron for this one, as Kase is back. Let’s mix in a win, eh?
  15. TheRealness

    Bruins v Flames

    O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done, The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won, The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting, While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring; But O heart! heart! heart...
  16. TheRealness

    Bruins @ Blue Jackets

    I punched my sources in their well-sourced balls after that fucking Marchand shit show. As a result, the sources aren't sourcing, and my sources sources are all sourced out. Still, I put my ear to the ground, and the vibe I am vibing from the vibe in the vibosity of vibe-city tells me the Bruins...
  17. TheRealness

    Bruins @ Flyers

    My sources confirmed that there was no shootout last time, and the rumors from those sources confirmed. My other sources who were the source of prior sourcing did source that their sources sourced the confirmation of another source that was sourcing, and sources told them that the Bruins would...
  18. TheRealness

    Bruins @ Islanders

    My sources say there has been talk about a discussion about a conversation that the mothers may stay indefinitely and will be with the team in New York. The mom‘s sources of my sources who have sourced the source of my sources tell me the Bruins will score all of the goals.
  19. TheRealness

    Bruins v. Jets

    My coaching tenure was short (if not non-existent), but my sources tell me that sources tell them the Jets will let up all the goals tonight.
  20. TheRealness

    Bruins @ Predators

    I would like to announce that I will be coaching the Predators from my home tonight. I will be instructing them to let up all the goals.